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Woburn Index of Pages

The following pages are designed to give a brief history of some aspects of the community. They are certainly not intended to be exhaustive and more work could be done, for example, on the interesting buildings with reference to census returns, electoral registers and name searches for owners and/or occupiers amongst our other archives, or on churches with reference to the parish records. We hope that reading these pages will encourage you to do more research of your own. If you find additional information on any of the pages below or, indeed, information on aspects of the community not covered here, we would love to hear from you and could publish your research here, giving credit, of course, where it is due!


The Parish of Woburn in General

Woburn Maps

Woburn Before 1086

Prehistoric Woburn

Romano-British Woburn

Anglo-Saxon Woburn

The Middle Ages

Woburn in 1086

The Manor of Woburn

Medieval Sudden Death


Earlier Barons, Earls and Dukes of Bedford

The Earls of Bedford

The Dukes of Bedford

List of Woburn People About 1800

Woburn Rates Book 1802 - 1828 (separate website)


Murder in Woburn

Queen Elizabeth I in Woburn

Woburn During the English Civil War

Woburn Fires


Woburn Fire Stations

Woburn Gas Light and Coke Company

Woburn Petty Sessional Division

Woburn Rural District Council

Woburn Workhouse

Woburn Poor Law Union

Woburn Union Workhouse

Woburn Workhouse Minute Book Index of In-Mates 1866-1871

Woburn Workhouse Minute Book Index of In-Mates 1871-1878

Woburn Workhouse Minute Book Index of In-Mates 1878-1888

Woburn Workhouse Minute Book Index of In-Mates 1888-1895

Woburn Workhouse Minute Book Index of In-Mates 1895-1902

The Church

The Cistercian Abbey of Woburn

Birchmoor Church

Old Saint Mary's Church, Woburn (now the Woburn Heritage Centre)

A Dispute Regarding Old Saint Mary's 1846

New Saint Mary's Church, Woburn

List of Woburn Perpetual Curates and Vicars

Woburn Vicarages


The Society of Friends in Woburn

Sarah Baker, a Woburn Quaker

Particular Baptists in Woburn

Congregationalists in Woburn

Wesleyan Methodists in Woburn


Early Education in Woburn

The Statutes for the Schools at Woborne 1582

19th Century Education in Woburn

Woburn Boys' Council School in 1904

Woburn Girls' and Infants' Council Schools in 1904

20th Century Education in Woburn

Sources for Education in Woburn

Interesting Buildings

Job's Farm, Woburn

Utcoate Grange, Woburn

Bedford Estates Cottages - An Introduction

The Reasons for Building the Bedford Estate Cottages

A Commentary on the Bedford Estate Cottages

Types of Bedford Estate Cottages

Bedford Street

2 Bedford Street, Woburn

4 Bedford Street, Woburn

5 Bedford Street, Woburn

6 Bedford Street, Woburn

7 Bedford Street, Woburn

8 and 9 Bedford Street, Woburn

10 Bedford Street, Woburn

11 Bedford Street, Woburn

12 Bedford Street, Woburn

13 Bedford Street, Woburn

14 and 15 Bedford Street, Woburn

16 Bedford Street, Woburn

17 Bedford Street, Woburn

19 and 20 Bedford Street, Woburn

22 Bedford Street, Woburn

Staunton House, Woburn

34 and 35 Bedford Street, Woburn

47 Bedford Street, Woburn

Bedford Estates Cottages in Bedford Street


Birchmoor Farm

Bedford Estates Cottages at Birchmoor Green

Crawley Road

2 Crawley Road, Woburn

Bedford Estates Cottages in Crawley Road

George Street

5 George Street, Woburn

6 and 8 George Street, Woburn

The Chestnuts - 7 George Street, Woburn

10 and 12 George Street, Woburn

11 George Street, Woburn

13 George Street, Woburn

14 George Street, Woburn

Crowholt, Woburn

16 to 20 George Street, Woburn

22 George Street, Woburn

34 to 38 George Street, Woburn

42 and 44 George Street, Woburn

Leighton Street

1 Leighton Street, Woburn

4 Leighton Street, Woburn

4a Leighton Street, Woburn

8 and 8a Leighton Street Woburn

Claremont - 36 Leighton Street, Woburn

Leighton House, Woburn

The Old Police House, Woburn

Maryland, Woburn

The Round House, Woburn

Bedford Estates Cottages in Leighton Street

London End

Bedford Estates Cottages in London End

London Road

Ivy Lodge, Woburn

Speedwell Farm, Woburn

Bedford Estates Cottages in London Road

Market Place

1 to 3 Market Place, Woburn

4 to 7 Market Place, Woburn

8 to 10 Market Place, Woburn

11 Market Place, Woburn

12 Market Place, Woburn

13 and 14 Market Place, Woburn

15 Market Place, Woburn

16 Market Place, Woburn

17 and 18 Market Place, Woburn

19 Market Place, Woburn

The Town Hall, Woburn

20 Market Place, Woburn

21 Market Place, Woburn

22 and 23 Market Place, Woburn

Newport Road

Bedford Estates Cottages in Newport Road

Park Street

Lion Lodge, Woburn

Timber Lane

Bedford Estates Cottages in Timber Lane

Woburn Park

Woburn Park

Woburn Abbey

Park Farm, Woburn

Park Farm Watermill, Woburn

Paris House, Potsgrove

Licensed Premises

Long's Hotel, Woburn

Le Belles, Woburn

The Bell Inn, Woburn

The Bell Public House and Hotel, Woburn

The Birch at Woburn

The Black Horse Public House, Woburn

The Black Lion Inn, Woburn

The Blackbirds Public House, Woburn

The Coach and Horses Public House, Woburn

The Cock Inn, Woburn

The Crooked Billet Public House, Woburn

The Cross Keys Inn, Woburn

The Crown Inn, Woburn

The Dolphin Inn, Woburn

The Falcon Inn, Woburn

The Goat Inn, Woburn

The Golden Ball Inn, Woburn

The Greyhound Public House, Woburn

The Horseshoe Inn, Woburn

The Inn at Woburn

The King's Head Public House, Woburn

The Leather Bottle Public House, Woburn

The Plough and Wheatsheaf Public House, Woburn

The Queen's Head Public House, Woburn

The Ram Inn, Woburn

The Red Lion Inn, Woburn

The Robin Hood and Little John Public House, Woburn

The Rose and Crown Public House, Woburn

The Royal Oak Public House, Woburn

The Saracen's Head Inn, Woburn

The Shoulder of Mutton Public House, Woburn

The Sun Public House, Woburn

The Swan Inn, Woburn

The Tavern, Woburn

The Three Pots Public House, Woburn

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Woburn

The White Bear Public House, Chapel Street, Woburn

The White Bear Public House, Market Place, Woburn

The White Hart Inn, Bedford Street, Woburn

The White Hart Inn, Market Place, Woburn

The White Hart Beerhouse, Woburn

The White Horse Inn, Woburn

The White Horse Public House, Woburn

The White Lion Inn, Bedford Street, Woburn

The White Lion Inn, Market Place, Woburn

The White Lion Inn, Park Street, Woburn

The Windmill Inn, Woburn

The Wrestlers Inn, Woburn