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The Statutes for the Schools at Woborne 1582

The old school building at Woburn May 2012
The old school building at Woburn May 2012

“The statutes for the schools at Woborne”, drawn up by the Earl were as follows [CRT130Woburn7]; note the original spellings

Touchinge the Schoole Maister

In primis that the Nomynacon of the Schoolemayster belongeth to the Feoffees and the allowinge to the Byshoppe.

Item that none be nominated Schoolemasiter under the age of 26 years olde nor above 50: that he be a Graduate having dexterite in teachinge and skilfull as well to make a verse as to writt in Prosse.

Item that being admitted he maie not be displaced so longe as his behaviour is honest and his diligence in teaching not justlie to be blamed.

Item that if he be mynded to bestowe hymselff other waies & leave Teaching he shall gyve the Feoffees 6 monethes wwarninge to the Feoffees to provide another.

Item that the Schoolemaister shall not be absent above one moneth in the yere together or by partes to be taken.

Item if he be absent above 2 daies together or happen to be sick of any longe disease he shall appoint of his owne charges a sufficient man to be allowed by the Feoffees to teach dewringe his absence or sicknes.

Item if he be absent above one moneth in the yere or be necligent in teachinge when he is present or for wante of discretion and government become contemptible to his schollers after twoe or three admonitions given by the Feoffees and no amendmente had, he shalbe displaced.

Item that he be at the Schoole with his Schollers every daie at six of the clocke in the morninge and their contynew till eleven of the clocke and that he be at the Schoole againe at one of the clock after dynner and contynew their until five of the clock in winter and in Somer until Six of the clocke without just cause.

Item that the schoolemaister shall not licence his schollers to plaie above one tyme in the weeke and that to be in the after noone of the same daie ehrin there is neither faire nor market

Touchinge the Schollers

In primis that no Scholler be admitted to this Schoole except he be first presented to the Schoolemaister and his name registred.

Item that noen be admitted to be a scholler in this Schoole but such as can perfectlie reade Englishe and are readie to learne Grammer.

Item if any Scholler after his admission shall goe to any other schoole or other wyse discontinue from this schoole by the space of 14 daies without any cawse allowed by the Schoolemaster he shalbe esteemed as no scholler of this schoole without a new admission.

Item everie Scholler, at his admission shall paie unto the schoolmaister foure pence to be imployed to the publique use of the Schoole as to the buying ofv a Bible or other books that shalbe thought convenient there to be cheyned upon desks for the common use of the Schollers.

Item that all the schollers whch boorde in the Towne shall every Sabath and Hollidayes come unto the Schole at the first peall to morninge and Eveninge praier and their shall contynew unto the past peall with the Schoolemaister who shall spend that meane tyme in cathichesinge them and readinge such bookes unto them as shall seem fittest to bringe them to the knowledge of the principles in Religion and at the thirde peale they shall come orderlie to the church after the Scholermaister.

Item that their be praires appointed to be saide in the Schoole every morninge at their comeing to the Schoole and everie night at their departure and that theise premises befaire written and pasted upon a Table to hange openlie in the Schoole.