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The Manor of Pertsoills or Pertesoyles

Barony of Bedford
The arms of the Barony of Bedford

Volume III of The Victoria County History for Bedfordshire was published in 1912 and details the history of manors in Riseley. In 1086 Riseley was divided into six holdings and the Manor of Pertsoills or Pertesoyles seems to have descended from one hide held by Hugh de Beauchamp, later created Baron of Bedford and the barony remained as overlords.

The first mention of the Pertesoil family is in 1203 when William, son of Azon quitclaimed land to William Pertesoil and Robert Rufus. The family were holding the manor by the second half of the 13th century. The last known member of the family to be lord of the manor was Robert Pertesoil who died in 1518.

The next mention of the manor in the historical record is in 1631 when when Richard Talbot conveyed it to Thomas Talbot who, in 1634 conveyed it to Adam Hill and John May. In 1685 John Hale was lord of the manor, alienating it in that year to James Smalman and Eyre Walcot. This is the last reference to the manor.

Notes by Bedfordshire and Luton Archive and Record Service staff [CRT130Riseley3] indicate that the site of the manor house may be at the moated site, now earthworks, in a field north-east of the church. In 1588 the site of the manor house [FN202] was conveyed by Richard Talbot senior of Riseley, yeoman, to trustees. The site is described as containing buildings and crofts and was next to: a close called Haule Close of 23 acres; a piece of land called Ubbeswigge which adjoined Haule Clsoe to the east and contained 18 acres and Kings Mead also adjoining Haule Close to the east and containing one acre.

A church glebe terrier of 1706 [ABE1] mentions Ubswick (the former Ubbeswigge) and fields called Portcell Field and Portcell Close. The inclosure award of 1796 [A24] identified both Upswick and Hall Close.