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Sources for Sandy Upper School

Sandy Upper School March 2010
Sandy Upper School March 2010

Note: some of the following information may not be accessible due to the personal information it contains.

  • CA8/328: fire report on phase three of the construction: 1967-1976;
  • E/Sa1/4/8: proposed attendance at school of children from GamlingayVillageCollege: 1972-1979;
  • E/SA1/4/8: file on comprehensive review: 1972-1979;
  • CA8/303: building maintenance file: 1974-1981;
  • CA2/834: building file on extensions: 1975-1980;
  • CCE3876/1: deeds to land forming part of the site: 1979;
  • E/SC3/Sand2: Objection by Colmworth, Duloe, Staploe, Renhold, Ravensden and Wilden at the decision to transfer their children to MarkRutherfordUpperSchool , Bedford: 1979;
  • E/SC3/Sand1: Local Education Authority decision to refuse admittance to the school to children from Gamlingay: 1979-1982;
  • E/OL1/6/1: participation in foreign schools exchange: 1981-1984;
  • CA8/1019: building maintenance file: 1981-1984;
  • E/CU3/13/5: record of expectations for pre-vocational courses: 1985;
  • E/TE3/7: return of teaching staff: 1986;
  • E/YM4/4/1: correspondence on the relationship with Sandy Youth Club: 1987-1989;
  • E/ME6/3/1: notes on pilot project on multicultural education at the school: 1987-1989;
  • E/MS3/2/1: kitchen and other records: c. 1987;
  • E/ME2/2/1: school involvement with the Professional Development Tutor for Multicultural Education in Predominantly White Schools: 1988-1989;
  • E/ME7/1/1: brief report on multicultural education at the school: 1988-1990;
  • E/ME6/3/2: school report on multicultural education: 1989;
  • E.Pu4/4/19: school prospectus: 1995.