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Hassells Manor Sandy

Volume II of The Victoria County History for Bedfordshire, published in 1908, gives the history of manors in Sandy as far as they were known at the time. Hasells began as a grange - a manor house called Heyseles at the centre of a farming estate belonging to a religious house - the house in question being Chicksands Priory. It is first recorded in 1291, when it was worth £1/15/- per annum.

Chicksands Priory was dissolved in 1537, when Hasells was worth £6 per annum and all its lands were confiscated by the Crown. King Henry VIII (1509-1547) granted Hasells to Francis Pygott in 1542 and in the same year he alienated it to Robert Burgoyne. In 1635 John Burgoyne transferred Hasells Manor to William Britain.

The Kingsley family coat of arms
The Kingsley family coat of arms

In 1712 Baron Britain sold Hasells to Heylock Kingsley whose daughter married William Pym in 1748. The Pym family remained owners of Hasells into the 20th century. A succession of Law of Property Acts in the 1920s abolished manorial fines and incidents as well as copyhold land tenure, thus abolishing manors in practically all but name.