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List of Kempston Inhabitants in 1803

On 5th January 1803 an assessment of land and property owners and tenants in Kempston was made to allow collection of poor relief at the rate of one shilling in the pound on the value assigned to the property at the inclosure of the parish in 1803. In the following list the first name is that of the owner, the second name that of the tenant and the description of the property then follows.

Alexander, Rev. James; Aspinwall, Rev. James; farm
Alexander, Rev. James; Jeffery, Tomkins; cottage
Alexander, Rev. James; Woodward, Dudley; cottage
Aspinwall, Rev. James; himself; vicarage & allotment, allotment in the boxes, tithes of Edwards, tithes, of Robinson.
Agutter, James; Osborn, Thomas; cottage & garden
Agutter, James; Whittaker, Thomas; cottage & garden
Allen, James; himself; cottage & garden
Baren, William; Cook, Daniel; pightle & allotment
Barratt, Isaac; himself; inclosure & allotment
Barratt, Isaac; Russell, John; allotment & bakehouse
Barratt, Isaac; Lacey, James; cottage & garden
Barratt, Isaac; Curtis, John; cottage & garden
Barratt, John; allotment
Barratt, John; Worhill, Thomas; cottage
Barratt, John; Negus, Sarah; cottage
Barringer, William; allotment
Barringer, William; Mobbs, John; cottage
Barringer, William; Lambert, John; cottage
Bedford, His Grace; Purser, John; allotment
Bartram, Lewis; himself; farm
Bartram, Lewis; Redman, Mary; cottage
Bent, Robert; Lilley, Thomas; cottage
Bent, Robert; Munns, Thomas; Bell Close & house
Boyce, Thomas; himself; allotment & house
Brown, Thomas; himself; close & allotment
Baker, Robert; Ford, Samuel; cottage
Brooks, Thomas; himself; cottage
Biggs, Allice; Tebbutt, Matt; cottage
Summerlin, John; Summerlin, John; cottage
Burr, John senior; Burr, James; cottage
Burr, John senior; himself; cottage
Bass, Ann; - ; cottage
Bass, Ann; Rickett, William ; cottage
Cotton End Malting; allotment
Cotton End Malting; Rowney, Sarah; cottage
Cotton End Malting; Dalley, John; cottage
Cotton End Malting; Watts, William; cottage
Christs Hospital; Emery, John; farm
Christs Hospital; Emery, John; cottage
Chapman, Edward; Burt, Robert; allotment
Coley, James; himself; cottage
Crouch, John; land
Crouch, John; Bettle, John; cottage
Crouch, John; Howe, William; cottage
Crouch, John; Wilson, Thomas; cottage
Crowsley; Samuel; himself; cottage
Davison, John; Cox, John; allotment
Davison, John; Cox, John; cottage
Douglas, William; himself; land
Day, John; himself; land
Dines, Robert; himself; land
Barratt; Church, John; close
Dudley, William; himself; allotment & close
Dudley, William; Valentine, Robert; cottage
Dudley, William; Hill, Thomas; cottage
Dudley, William; Fletcher, John; cottage
Dudley, William; Carr, William; cottage
Dudley, William; Whittall, Thomas; cottage
Dudley, William; Cherry, William; cottage
Dudley, William; Ashwell; cottage
Dudley, William; Cowley, Elizabeth; cottage
Dudley, William; Slinn, Mary; cottage
Dudley, William; Dudley, John; cottage
Dunham, William; pightle & allotment
Dunham, William; Crossly, Thomas
Dunham, William; Wheeler, thomas
Dunham, William; Sugars, Richard
Dunham, William; Robinson, Mary
Dennis, Hannah; Joyce, Henry
Elstor, Pen; allotment
Emery, John; himself
Eyles, Thomas; himself
Edwards; Farm
Farrer, G S Esq; Burr, John; Farm
Farrer, G S Esq; Whitworth, Benjamin; Farm
Foster, Frederick William Esq.; Burr, John senior; Farm
Foster, Frederick William Esq.; Goodman, John; cottage
Foster, Frederick William Esq.;Tysoe, Thomas; cottage
Freeman, Winifred; Lambert, Thomas; allotment
Freeman, Winifred; Hull, William; cottage
Freeman, Winifred;Islip, Henry; cottage
Geary, Revd Charles; Skevington; allotment
Green, Francis; himself; land
Gurney, Thomas; himself; land
Gurney, Thomas; Mayes, William; cottage
Gurney, Thomas; Boyce, William; cottage
Gurney, Thomas; Nurbury, William; cottage
Gurney, Thomas; Goodman, James; cottage
Gurney, Thomas; Squires, James; cottage
Gurney, Thomas; Purser, John; cottage
Golding, William; himself; cottage
Hart, George; himself; allotment
Hart, George; himself; house
Hart, George; Copperweight, William; cottage
Hart, George; Stevens, Thomas; cottage
Hart, George; Denton, John; cottage
Hawley, Thomas; himself; close & allotment
Hawley, Thomas; Walker, Elizabeth; cottage
Hawley, Thomas; Sanders, William; cottage
Hull, Henry; himself; cottage
Hipwell, James; Foster, William; cottage
Foster, James; Bitchener, William; cottage
Haines, William; himself; land
Hampden, Viscount; Haines, William; land
Hampden, Viscount; Chibnall, John; Part of House (Swan)
Jackson, Robert; himself; allotment
Jackson, Robert; himself; cottage, 2 unoccupied
Jackson, Robert; Croseley, Elizabeth; cottage
Jackson, Robert; Squires, Jacobb; cottage
Jackson, Robert; Bushby, Hannah; cottage
Joyce, John; himself; allotment
Joyce, John; himself; house
Joyce, John; himself; cottage
Johnson, Thomas; Clare, Beaumont; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; himself; land
Jefferies, Thomas; Worrells; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Worrells; house
Jefferies, Thomas; Edge, John; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Brooks, Thomas; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Jefferies, Thomas junior; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Saville, Fanny; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Hewitt, William; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Wing, Sarah; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Purser, John; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Musgrove, Robert; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Reynolds, Sarah; cottage
Jefferies, Thomas; Jordan, John; cottage
Kempston Town Land; allotment
Keech, Catherine; Robinson, Mary; cottage
Lambert, Thomas; himself; land
Lambert, Thomas; himself; house
Lambert, Thomas; Cooper, Ann; cottage
Lambert, Thomas junior; himself; cottage
Lavender, Levi; himself; farm
Leach, John; himself; land
Lilley, John; himself; land
Lilley, John; Gooding, Nathan; cottage
Littlehales, Revd Richard; Dudley, William; farm
Littlehales, Revd Richard;Teedon, Richard; cottage
Littlehales, Revd Richard; Redman, Thomas; cottage
Livius, George Esq; Cauldwell Farm
Livius, George Esq; Burr, Abraham; farm
Livius, George Esq; Burr, Abraham; charged from Mr Gurney;
Livius, George Esq; Moore, William; cottage
Livius, George Esq.; Fields, John; cottage
Long & Whittingstall; Dudley, John; close
Long & Whittingstall; Dudley, John; house
Long & Whittingstall; Adams, John; inclosure & allotment
Lancaster, Joseph; himself; cottage
Long, Sir William; himself; House & farm
Long, Sir William; himself; House
Long, Sir William; himself; race meadow
Long, Sir William; himself; inclosures
Long, Sir William; himself; Bridewells
Long, Sir William; himself to pay
Long, Sir William; Tattam, Joseph
Long, Sir William; Chibnall, John; for Bridewells
Long, Sir William; Brooks, John; for the little flags
Long, Sir William; Chapman, William; house & close
Long, Sir William; Fell, WIlliam; cottage
Long, Sir William; Ames, James; cottage
Long, Sir William; himself; Leach, Oliver; cottage
Long, Sir William; Mann, William; house & pightle
Long, Sir William; Swales, Henry; cottage
Long, Sir William; Woodhall, George; cottage
Long, Sir William; Hawkins, Joseph; cottage
Long, Sir William; Barham, William; cottage
Long, Sir William; Goose, James; cottage
Mardlin, Charles; himself; land
Mardlin, Charles; himself; house
Mardlin, Charles; Mobbs, John; cottage
Mardlin, Charles; Clementson, Thomas; cottage
Mardlin, Charles;Valentine; cottage
Mardlin, Charles;; Stapleton, John; cottage
Monoux, Sir Philip; Ambridge; Farm
Martin, John; allotment
Martin, John; Boy, Mary; cottage
Martin, John; White, William; cottage
Martin, John; Slater, Mary; cottage
Mason, John Esq; land
Mason, John Esq.; Beldam, John; cottage
Cotton End Meeting; Basset, Elisha; cottage
Maynard, Mentham; himself; land
Maynard, Mentham, himself; house
Macaulay; land
Marriott, Richard; himself; land
Marriott, Richard; Johnson, John; cottage
Moore, William; Reynolds; land
Moore, William; Reynolds; house - Half Moon
Nash, Peregrine; himself; farm
Pierson, Joseph M Esq.; Walker; farm
Pierson, Joseph M Esq.; Brooks, John; pightle & allotment
Pierson, Joseph M Esq.; Brooks, John; house
Pierson, Joseph M Esq.; Sharp, Thomas; cottage
Pierson, Joseph M Esq.; Clark, Isaac; cottage
Pierson, John; himself; allotment
Pierson, Edward; himself; close & allotment
Pierson, Edward; himself; house
Parker, Matthew; close
Parker, Matthew; Lambert, Richard; cottage
Parker, Matthew; Favell, Samuel; cottage
Robinson, Thomas; himself; house & orchard
Robinson, James; himself; house & orchard
Robinson, James; himself; allotment
Robinson, James; Maxey, William; cottage
Rogers, Francis; himself; land
Russell, John; orchard & pightle
Russell, John; Jackson, William; cottage
Roberts, James; himself; cottage
Robinson, Sir George; Lineham; Hunney Hill
Robinson, Sir George; Lineham; Farm
Reed, James; Hedge, thomas; cottage
Radley, John; himself; cottage
Sanders, George; himself; land
Sanders, George; himself; malthouse
Sanders, George; Lett, John; cottage
Sanders, George; Wright, William; cottage
Sanders, George; Hart, James; cottage
Sanders, George; Crosley, Thomas; cottage
Sanders, George; Huckle, George; cottage
Sanders, George; Lewitt, Painter; cottage
Sanders, George; Catlin, William; cottage
Sanders, George; Narthem, Maynard; cottage
Sanders, John; land
Sanders, John; Gibson, Jonas; cottage
Sanders, John; Bird, William; cottage
Sanders, John; Ball, William; cottage
Short, William; land
Short, William; Mardlin, Joseph; cottage
Short, William; Mobbs, James; cottage
Staines, William; himself,; land
Staines, William; Pell; cottage
Skevington, Carter; himself; farm
Skevington, Carter; Denton, Robert; cottage
Skevington, Carter; Hawkins, John; cottage
Skevington, Carter; Tompkins, Robert; cottage
Stratton, Thomas; Greenwood, Charles; cottage
Taylor, Mary; herself; land
Taylor, Mary; Hawley, Thomas; House
Taylor, Mary; Finedon, Thomas; cottage
Taylor, Mary; Abram, Thomas; cottage
Tingay, Joseph; himself; land
Tingay, Joseph; himself; house
Thomson, William; land
Tompkins, William; land
Tompkins, William; Brandom, William; cottage
Teedon, Thomas; himself; cottage
Watkins, William Esq; himself; land
Waley, Reverend Palmer; Lilley, John; farm
Whitbread, Samuel Esq.; Teedon, William; land
Whitbread, Samuel Esq.; Teedon, William; house (Chequers)
Whitbread, Samuel Esq.; Cumberland, Dixey; land
White, James; himself; land
White, James; himself; mills
White, James; Robins, Sarah; cottage
White, John; himself; land
White, John; himself; house
White, John; Peck, Mary; cottage
White, John; Makeham, Matt; cottage
Wallis, Robbert; himself; close
Warden, John; Peacock, Mary; cottage
Warden, John; Ambridge, Mary; cottage
Warden, John; Allen, William; cottage
Warden, John; Keech, Richard; cottage
Warden, John; Whittall, Thomas; cottage
Warden, John; Church, William; cottage
Whitworth & Eyles; land
Whitworth & Eyles; Folks, Thomas; cottage
Whitworth & Eyles; Breed, Edward; cottage
White, Thomas; himself; close
White, Thomas; Cave, John; cottage
White, Thomas; Fisher, James; cottage
White, Thomas; Bettle, George; cottage
White, Thomas; Slim, John; cottage


Source: P60/11/1a