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Daubeney School Kempston

Daubeney Middle School
Daubeney Middle School

Daubeney Middle School was created in 1972. It is named after the Manor of Kempston Daubeney, created out of the Manor of Kempston in 1237.

In the 1970s local education authority Bedfordshire County Council introduced comprehensive education introducing a new tier of school between the old county primary and county secondary schools. Thus lower schools now taught children aged 4 to 9, middle schools from 9 to 13 and upper schools from 13 onwards.

On 1st April 2009 Bedfordshire County Council was abolished. Its functions in the north of the county were taken over by Bedford Borough Council. This was a district, or second tier, authority which was upgraded to a unitary council with both first and second tier responsibilities – a county and district council rolled into one. It this became Kempston’s local education authority. At the time of writing [2013] there is a debate about the future of middle schools and whether they should continue or whether schools should revert to the pre-1970s model of just two types of school - primary and secondary.

At the time of writing [2013] Daubeney is an academy. Academies had been established in 2000 as a way to close failing schools and replace them with schools financed by public money but run by their own governors. In 2010 this option was extended to any school which wished to exercise it. Daubeney then became an academy, relieving itself of LEA control in the day-to-day running of the school, though the LEA retains an element of control over pupils admitted to the school.

The following list gives all the sources relating to Daubeney School held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service. Due to the terms of the Data Protection Act records containing personal details of living individuals will be closed in total, or in part, depending on the nature of the information.

  • CA2/371: Phase I building file: 1967-1975;
  • CA2/720: Phase II extensions building file: 1965-1979;
  • SDKempstonDAU4/1-317: pupil records: 1970s-2000s;
  • CA8/718: building maintenance file: 1972-1981;
  • SDKempstonDAU1/1: logbook: 1972-1988;
  • SDKempstonDAU2/1: admission register: 1972-1983;
  • SGM64/1/1-11: school governors' minutes: 1972-1996;
  • PY/PH132/1: photographs of school exterior: 1973;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/1: groups of pupils' photographs: 1973;
  • PY/PH192/2: photographs: 1973;
  • PY/E2/2/286: tenancy agreements: 1973-1980;
  • SDKempstonDAU8/1: programme for inter-house athletic sports: 1974;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/2: groups of pupils' photographs: 1974;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/3: groups of pupils' photographs: 1975;
  • CA2/720: school buildings file on Phase II extensions: 1975-1979;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/4: groups of pupils' photographs: 1976;
  • CA15/26: building file on South Orbital Sewer: 1976-1977;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/1: unnamed staff group photograph: 1977;
  • E/ME6/1/5: applications for Section 11 funded posts at school: 1980s;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/2: unnamed staff group photograph: c.1980
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/12: groups of pupils' photographs: 1980s;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/5: groups of pupils' photographs: 1980
  • E/TE3/2: staff details: 1981;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/6: groups of pupils' photographs: 1980;
  • TCKempston26/3: correspondence regarding fencing school grounds: 1981;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/1: unnamed group photograph of the whole school: 1982;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/7: groups of pupils' photographs: 1982-1983;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/3: unnamed staff group photograph: c.1983;
  • E/OL1/1/6: headteacher's opinion on value of exchange visits with schools in Cyprus: 1983;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/8: groups of pupils' photographs: 1983-1984;
  • SDKempstonDAU2/2: admission register: 1983-1990;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/9: groups of pupils' photographs: 1984;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/4: unnamed staff group photograph: 1984;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/5: unnamed staff group photograph: 1984-1985
  • E/MS2/1/4: provision of lunchtime supervisors: 1984-1986;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/6: unnamed staff group photograph: c.1985;
  • E/MS2/1/4: variation of lunchtime arrangements: 1985;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/10-11: groups of pupils' photographs: 1985
  • E/TE3/7: staff details: 1986;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/13: groups of pupils' photographs: 1986
  • E/PM6/2/2: response to a questionnaire on capital punishment: 1986;
  • SDKempstonDAU2/3: admission register: 1986-1987;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/14: groups of pupils' photographs: 1986-1987;
  • E/ME6/1/1: details of monitoring scheme for Section 11 funded posts: 1986-1988;
  • E/TE2/2/M/18: details on school: 1987;
  • E/PM1/3/2: statistics on transfer/allocation of pupils from lower schools: 1987;
  • SGM64/2/1-10: governors' annual reports to parents: 1987-1995;
  • E/MS3/2/2: kitchen and other details: c.1987;
  • E/ME6/1/5-6: applications for funding for multicultural education posts: late 1980s;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/15: groups of pupils' photographs: 1988;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/16: groups of pupils' photographs: 1989;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/17: photograph of the school orchestra: 1989;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/18: snapshots of school sports: 1989;
  • SDKempstonDAU7/1: school development plan: 1989-1991
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/19: groups of pupils' photographs: 1990;
  • SDKempstonDAU7/2: language policy: 1990;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/7: unnamed staff group photograph: 1991;
  • SDKempstonDAU6/1: Red Book containing school data: 1993-1994;
  • SDKempstonDAU6/2: Red Book containing school data: 1994-1995
  • E/Pu4/4/50: prospectus: 1995;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/20: groups of pupils' photographs: c.1995;
  • SDKempstonDAU3/1: attendance registers: 1995-1996;
  • SDKempstonDAU6/3: Red Book containing school data: 1995-1996;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/21: groups of pupils' photographs: 1996;
  • SDKempstonDAU3/2: attendance registers: 1996-1997
  • HT13/1/3: photograph of interior of food science laboratory: 1996-1997;
  • SDKempstonDAU6/4: Red Book containing school data: 1996-1997;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/8: unnamed staff group photograph: c.1997;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/22: groups of pupils' photographs: 1997;
  • SDKempstonDAU6/5: Red Book containing school data: 1997-1998;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/23: groups of pupils' photographs: 1998;
  • SDKempstonDAU6/6: Red Book containing school data: 1998-1999;
  • SDKempstonDAU7/3: OFSTED inspection report: 1999;
  • SDKempstonDAU2/4: details of ethnic information on pupils: 1999-2000;
  • SDKempstonDAU6/6: Red Book containing school data: 1999-2000;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/3/9: unnamed staff group photograph: 2000;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/1/2: unnamed group photograph of the whole school: 2000;
  • SDKempstonDAU5/2/24: groups of pupils' photographs: 2000