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Toddington Particular Baptists

In addition to the larger Bethel Chapel, Toddington was for a time home to a smaller community of Particular Baptists. On Sunday 30th March 1851 a census of all churches, chapels and preaching-houses of every denomination was undertaken in England and Wales. The Bedfordshire returns were compiled by David W. Bushby and published in 1975 as Bedfordshire Historical Record Society Volume 54. The return for the Providence Chapel of the Particular Baptists at Toddington was provided by William Thackray, Minister. He states that the chapel was built in 1848 and provided 52 free seats, 17 other seats and room for ten standing. The average congregation was 50 to 100, and on the evening of the census it had been 52. There was no Sunday School. The location of the chapel is not known; it is not shown on an Ordnance Survey map of 1882 and had presumably closed by that date.