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List of Toddington Rectors

The parish vexillum June 2015
The parish vexillum June 2015


The advowson of Toddington was granted to The Benedictine abbey of la Couture in le Mans some time between 1100 and 1122 and confirmed to abbey by Henry I (1100-1135), with later confirmations by Payn de Chaworth in 1167, Henry II (1154-1189) in 1180 and 1186 and by Geoffrey, Comte de Perche in 1192 and 1202. William de Cava was appointed by the abbey in 1222 but by 1274 seems to have lost the advowson as Peter de Cirginoto was appointed by Beatrice, Countess of Richmond.

In 1300 John Peyvre, Lord of the Manor of Toddington, appointed Richard Wolny and from this date for the next five hundred years the patronage of the living lay with the lords of the manor.

In 1806 Louisa Conolly sold the advowson to James Lewis and by 1846 the Cooper family had it, meaning that, once more, it was in the hands of the lords of the manor. By 1862 the advowson had been sold to John Clegg of Lancashire and by the early 20th century it was in the hands of Mrs Hicks. At the time of writing [2016] the patronage is held jointly by the Bishop of Saint Albans and the Diocesan Board of Patronage.

In 1931 the parishes of Chalgrave and Toddington were united [P114/2/1/1] a state of affairs which continued until 1977. Today [2016] the two parishes once again share an incumbent but each parish retains its own parochial church council and parish officers.