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The Falcon Inn Hockliffe

The only two known references to the Falcon at Hockliffe date from the sixteenth century. The first is in the will of Thomas Sheppard dated 25th January 1562 in which he left to his son, another Thomas, "my house in Hoclif called the Fawcon". The second occurs in a covenant of 1589 in which William Jervys of Great Peatling [Leicestershire] and his wife Elizabeth, one of the daughters and co-heiresses of the late William Sheppard of Hockliffe, agreed to levy a "fine" (a form of agreement) in the Queen's Court at Westminster in favour of Raphe Sheppard of Hockliffe and Thomas Sheppard of Maulden, sons of the late Thomas Sheppard of Hockliffe. Under the agreement "the messuage and tenement in Hocklyffe commonly called the Faucon and the land belonging thereto" was to be guaranteed to Thomas Sheppard. Nothing more is known about the Falcon and there is no indication of its location.


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