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Sources for Education in Hockliffe

Hockliffe Lower School sign February 2013
Hockliffe Lower School sign February 2013

The following list gives all the sources relating to education in Hockliffe held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service. Due to the terms of the Data Protection Act records containing personal details of living individuals will be closed in total, or in part, depending on the nature of the information:

  •  AD3509-3511: Receipts for payments made for education of boys, 1822-1831;
  •  P114/29/1: Conveyance of school site to Rector of Hockliffe, 1844
  •  P103/29/2-3: Hockliffe & Chalgrave National & Sunday School General Accounts, 1844-1863;
  •  AD3865/20: Plans for addition of teacher's house to school, 1853;
  •  P103/29/19a-e: Correspondence and papers, 1896-1972;
  • E/SA3/1/2: managers' and inspector's reports: 1903;
  •  P103/29/4: Managers' minute book, 1903-1971;
  •  E/TE5/3-4: Registers of teachers, 1904-1912;
  •  P103/29/7: Case to advise re Hockliffe National School, 1906;
  • E/IN1/1: school inspector's reports: 1906-1937;
  •  P103/29/8: Account book, 1931-1972;
  •  P103/29/11: Register fo lettings of school premises, 1938-1972;
  •  P103/29/9; Bank book, 1932-1948;
  •  P103/29/10: Receipts and payment account, 1953;
  •  P103/29/13-15: Plans and sketch of proposed new entrance and lavatory block, c.1956;
  •  P103/29/16: Plans of proposed bridge access to new playground, c.1956;
  •  103/29/18: Loan agreement for expenses, 1958;
  •  PCChalgrave11/2/2: Brief history of schools at Hockliffe and Chalgrave with copy of Charity Commission report on West's Charity, 1963-1964;
  •  P103/29/12: Papers re letting of school premises, 1964-1971;
  •  P103/29/20: Insurance policies, 1965;
  •  P103/29/21: Head teacher's reports, 1970-1971;
  •  P103/29/5: Hockliffe Voluntary Primary minute book, 1971-1972;
  •  CA2/569: Construction of new school, 1972-1981;
  •  E/SA1/4/9: Transfer of pupils to a Leighton Buzzard middle school instead of Dunstable, 1973;
  •  CA2/569: Conversion of old school buildings to nursery unit, 1976;
  •  E/SC1/Gen/5-6: Appendices to report of small schools working party, 1981;
  •  E/TE2/2/L/39: Details of Hockliffe Lower Schol, 1988;
  •  EPu/4/4/111: School prospectus, 1995