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Hockliffe Index of Pages


The Parish of Hockliffe in General

Hockliffe Maps

Pre-Medieval Hockliffe

Prehistoric Hockliffe

Romano-British Hockliffe

Watling Street

Medieval Hockliffe

Anglo-Saxon Hockliffe

Hockliffe in 1086

The Manor of Hockliffe

The Hospital of Saint John, Hockliffe

Medieval Hockliffe

A Fatal Fight

Post Medieval Hockliffe

The Inclosure of Hockliffe

A Counterfeit Coin

Air Raids on Hockliffe

Hockliffe People

George Arnald

Rev William Dodd

The Gilpin Family

Gabriel Tompkins - Highwayman


Hockliffe Church Architecture

Hockliffe Church Repairs and Alterations

List of Hockliffe Rectors

Hockliffe Rectories


Registration and Early References in Hockliffe

Congregationalism in Hockliffe

Primitive Methodism in Hockliffe

Wesleyan Methodism in Hockliffe


Early Education in Hockliffe

Hockliffe Charity School

Hockliffe School

Hockliffe School in 1904

Sources for Education in Hockliffe

Interesting Buildings

Church End

Church Farm, Hockliffe

Crows' Nest, Hockliffe

Fourne Hill Farm, Hockliffe

Grounds Farm, Hockliffe

Hockliffe Grange

The Lodge, Hockliffe

The Stonehouse, Hockliffe

The Square

3 and 5 The Square, Hockliffe

Gable End, Hockliffe

Watling Street

Brook House and Brookside, Hockliffe

Bull Farm, Hockliffe

Chester Cottage, Hockliffe

Fern House, Hockliffe

Hilsyde Cottage, Hockliffe

Hockliffe House

1 to 4 Ivy Cottages, Hockliffe

King's Arms Farm, Hockliffe

King's Arms Cottages, Hockliffe

Manor House, Hockliffe

Old Dairy Farm, Hockliffe

Riversdale, Hockliffe

South View, Hockliffe

The Chestnuts, Hockliffe

The Hall, Hockliffe

The Limes, Hockliffe

Turpin Cottage, Hockliffe

Westbrook Cottage, Hockliffe

1 and 2 Woburn View, Hockliffe

Licensed Premises

The Bell Public House, Hockliffe

The Blackbirds Inn, Hockliffe

The Bull Inn, Hockliffe

The Cock Inn, Hockliffe

The Cross Keys Inn, Hockliffe

The Falcon Inn, Hockliffe

The Fleur-de-Lys Public House, Hockliffe

The George Inn, Hockliffe

The King's Arms Inn, Hockliffe

The Magpie Beerhouse, Hockliffe

The Red Lion Inn, Hockliffe

The Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Hockliffe

The Star Inn, Hockliffe

The Swan Inn Hockliffe

The Unicorn Inn, Hockliffe

The White Hart Inn, Hockliffe

The White Horse Inn, Hockliffe