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Early References to Southill Licensed Premises

Parish registers provide us with the names of some of the keepers of inns, public houses and beerhouses in Southill in the 17th and 18th centuries, before the introduction of licensing registers; unfortunately they do not name any of the establishments kept. The list is as follows:

  • William Brown, alehouse keeper, buried 19 June 1695;
  • Elizabeth,wife of William Norris, aledrawer, buried 21 December 1713;
  • 1722 William Gylmas, alehouse keeper, buried 28 December 1722;
  • 1775 Thomas Killingworth, aleseller & shopkeeper, buried 16 January 1775;
  • 1786 Joseph Chew, aleman, buried 22 March 1786;
  • 1788 Sarah Yarley, daughter of John & Lydia Gately, ale man, baptised 1 June 1788;
  • 1790 Sophia, daugher of Thomas & Elizabeth Plowman, aleman, baptised 23 January 1790

There is also a reference [Z306/1] to an inn in occupation of John Glover and malting house in occupation of John Dilly in a marriage settlement of 1765