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Thurleigh Index of Pages


The Parish of Thurleigh in General

Thurleigh Maps

Prehistoric Thurleigh

Thurleigh Cropmarks

Thurleigh Slag

Romano-British Thurleigh

Thurleigh in 1086

The Manor of Thurleigh

The Manor of Thurleigh alias Blackborne Hall

The Manor of Thurleigh alias Whitwick

The Manor of Backenho

Thurleigh Inhabitants in 1788

Thurleigh in World War Two

The Third London Airport in Thurleigh?


Thurleigh Church Architecture

Thurleigh Church Repairs and Alterations

List of Thurleigh Vicars

Thurleigh Vicarages


Registration and Other Early References in Thurleigh

Baptists in Thurleigh


Early Education in Thurleigh

Thurleigh School

Thurleigh School in 1904

Sources for Education in Thurleigh

Interesting Buildings

Church End

Tarry Cottage - 6 Church End, Thurleigh

Wayside Cottage - 8 Church End, Thurleigh

Cross End

Milford Cottage, Thurleigh

7 Cross End, Thurleigh

Willow Cottage - 18 Cross End, Thurleigh

Cross End House, Thurleigh

High Street

Sunnyside Cottage - 5 High Street, Thurleigh

Novel Hovel - 6 High Street, Thurleigh

16 and 18 High Street, Thurleigh

22 High Street, Thurleigh

23 High Street, Thurleigh

Green Hedges - 27 High Street, Thurleigh

39 High Street, Thurleigh

Sycamore Cottage - 62 High Street, Thurleigh

Bury Farmhouse, Thurleigh

Thurleigh Castle

Mill Hill

Thurleigh Windmill

Mill Road

5 Mill Road, Thurleigh

Waterfall Farmhouse, Thurleigh

Waterfall Cottage - 8 Mill Road, Thurleigh

9 and 11 Mill Road, Thurleigh

52 and 54 Mill Road, Thurleigh

Scald End Farmhouse, Thurleigh

Old Milton Road

Romp Hall, Thurleigh

Park End

Park End Farmhouse, Thurleigh

Far Thatch, Thurleigh

Robin's Folly

Park Farm, Thurleigh

Whitwick Green Road

Blackburn Hall Farmhouse, Thurleigh

Manor Farm, Thurleigh

Licensed Premises

The Hit and Miss Beerhouse, Thurleigh

The Jackal Public House, Thurleigh

The Newport Arms Public House, Thurleigh

The Red Lion Public House, Thurleigh