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The Parish of Old Warden Before 1086

The Hill House March 2008
The Hill House March 2008

Stone and Bronze Ages

The earliest evidence of any human presence in what is now Old Warden was a Neolithic axe found in the 1970s in a field near The Hill House. The axe is now in the museum at Hitchin [Hertfordshire]. There may be a Bronze Age ring-ditch in the parish just west of the A1 between Brookland Farm and the Golf Driving Range and when Horton Preparatory School was at Ickwell Bury a bronze hoard was deposited there which was said to have come from the borders of Northill and Old Warden. The hoard comprises two socketed axes and a ribbed palstave.

Romano-British Period

A group of cremation burials with Roman amphora were found just north-west of Quints Hill, near a possible Roman Road running from Biggleswade to Warden Street. During the excavation of Old Warden Railway Tunnel in the 1850s a mirror, along with amphorae and Roman coins were discovered.