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Early References to Old Warden Licensing

Parish registers and early wills provide us with the names of some of the keepers of inns, public houses and beerhouses in Old Warden in the 17th and 18th centuries, before the introduction of licensing registers; unfortunately they do not name any of the establishments kept. The list is as follows:

  • Walter, son of Arnold Swinscoe, alehouse keeper, baptised 15 February 1699;
  • Henry Finch, aleman, buried 17 March 1760 [administration ABP/A1761/2];
  • William Finch, bachelor, aleman, buried 14 August 1781;
  • Mary Finch, single woman, alehouse, buried 3 April 1786;
  • Elizabeth Finch,  alewoman,  buried 27 June 1790;
  • Richard Finch, aleman, buried 26 October 1790;
  • Ann, wife of Edward Bishop, aleman buried 8 June 1797.