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Sources for Education in Eaton Bray

Eaton Bray Academy sign March 2012
Eaton Bray Academy sign March 2012

The following list gives all the sources relating to education in Silsoe held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service. Due to the terms of the Data Protection Act records containing personal details of living individuals will be closed in total, or in part, depending on the nature of the information.

The church from the south August 2007
The church from the south August 2007

Early Education

  • ABC3 page 207: assault on the schoolmaster in the church: 1578;
  • ABP/W1668/162: will of Thomas Herbert, schoolmaster: 1668
  • Parish register series Volume 73: Baptism of the schoolmaster’s daughter: 1733;
  • ABP/A1750/20: administration of the goods of John Buckmaster, schoolmaster: 1750;
  • ABP/W1765/16: will of John Fountain, schoolmaster: 1765

Eaton Bray National School about 1900 [Z467-21]
The former National School about 1900 [Z467/21]

Eaton Bray National School (closed 1885)

  • P63/29/1: School Trust deed: 1841;
  • P63/2/4/4: note on the opening of the National School: 1842;
  • AD3805: lecture at the National School: 1844;
  • P63/8/2: minutes regarding the voluntary rate or school board: 1887;
  • Z467/21: postcard of the former school: c. 1900;
  • P63/29/2-3: repairs to the former school buildings: 1945-1952.

Elevations of the school and masters house about 1860 [AD3865/13/3]
Elevations of the school and master's house about 1860 [AD3865/13/3]

Eaton Bray Wesleyan, then Board, then Council, then County Primary then Lower School, then Academy

  • AD3865/13: plans of the school and teacher’s house: c. 1860;
  • CCE98/11: conveyance of school site from the trustees of J. Pedley to the Wesleyan trustees: 1860;
  • MB231: Weslayen School account book: 1878-1894;
  • SB12/1: School Board minutes: 1893-1903;
  • SB12/3: School Board financial statements: 1893-1903;
  • SB12/4: register of School Board mortgages: 1893-1903;
  • SB12/7-8: School Board cash books: 1893-1903;
  • SB12/12: School Board byelaws: 1893;
  • CCE98/12 and CCE/SB12/2: transfer of the school site from the Wesleyan trustees to Eaton Bray School Board: 1894;
  • CCE/SB12/1: conveyance of land from Mead to the School Board: 1894;
  • CCE/SB12/3: mortgage with the Public Works Loan Committee for £594: 1895;
  • SB12/2: School Board minutes: 1903;
  • SB12/11: report by the Clerk of the School Board to Bedfordshire County Council: 1903;
  • SMM6: school managers’ minutes: 1903-1974;
  • E/TE5/1: details of teachers: 1904-1908;
  • CCE98/13: appointment of school trustees by the Board of Education: 1907;
  • E/TE5/2: details of teachers: 1908-1912;
  • E/IN1/1: inspection reports of the Mixed Council School: 1910-1934;
  • E/IN1/1: inspection reports of the Infants School: 1912-1935;
  • CCE98/14: appointment of new school trustees: 1914;
  • X614/68: newspaper cutting regarding the departure of the headmaster to Goldington: 1925;
  • CCE98/1: agreement for conveyance of school site: 1926;
  • CCE98/2: agreement for conveyance of school site: 1927;
  • CCE98/15: agreement by the Board of Education for sale of the school site: 1927;
  • CTM17/79: mortgage taken out to pay for alterations: 1927;
  • CCE98/5: conveyance of school site from Wesleyan trustees to Bedfordshire County Council: 1928;
  • CA2/520: new school site file: 1964-1971;
  • CA8/612: building maintenance file: 1966-1981;
  • CA2/707: adaptations to the school house: 1979;
  • E/TE3/3: return of teaching staff: 1981;
  • E/PM3/2/4: information on travellers’ children at the school: 1982-1987;
  • E/SA2/4/3: file on building replacement premises for the school: 1984-1985;
  • E/TE3/6: return of teaching staff: 1986;
  • E/MS3/2/6: kitchen and other details: c. 1987;
  • E/Pu4/4/198: school prospectus: 1995.

Eaton Bray Lower School March 2012
Eaton Bray Academy March 2012