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The Swan Public House Tempsford

Like the George Inn the Swan is a somewhat elusive property. It occurs in the historical record from 1709 to 1827. It is unclear where it was but it seems reasonable to guess that it was somewhere on the old Great North Road, today’s Church Street.

In 1709 Ralph Bromsall of Northill conveyed a cottage in Tempsford adjoining the Swan to John Denn of rem [LS10-11]. In 1802 Jonathan Eade redeemed the Land Tax on a farmhouse, 170 acres of land, a coal wharf and the Swan public house in Tempsford [WY388]. In 1813 Margaret Eade conveyed a cottage called the Swan, formerly in the occupation of Ephraim Page to James William Freshfield [WY390-391]. Finally in 1827 Freshfield conveyed the Swan to William Stuart, Lord of the Manor of Tempsford [WY401-402].

This latter date is significant as it appears to mark the end of the Swan’s life as a public house. Countywide licensing registers from 1822 to 1828 survive. FRom 1822 to 1826 George Pain is listed as licensee but there is no entry for the Swan in either the register for 1827 or for 1828.


  • LS10-11: mentioned in the conveyance of a neighbouring property: 1709;
  • WY388: certificate of redemption of Land Tax: 1802;
  • WY390-391: conveyance: 1813;
  • CLP13: register of alehouse recognizances: 1822-1828;
  • WY401-402: conveyance: 1827.

Licensees: note that this is not a complete list and that dates in italics are not necessarily beginning or end dates, merely the first/last date which can be confirmed from sources such as directories and deeds.

Before 1802: Ephraim Page;
1822-1826: George Page

Public house closed 1826 or 1827.