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Tempsford Index of Pages


The Parish of Tempsford in General

Tempsford Maps

Tempsford Before 1086

Medieval History

Tempsford in 1086

Gannocks Castle, Tempsford

The Manor of Tempsford

The Manor of Tempsford Drayton

The Manor of Tempsford Mossbury alias Sarnes

The Manor of Tempsford Brays

Medieval Murder in Tempsford

Modern History

Tempsford Census of 1811

A Riot in Tempsford

RAF Tempsford


Tempsford Chantry

Tempsford Church Architecture

Tempsford Church Alterations and Additions

List of Tempsford Rectors

Tempsford Rectory

A Riot in Tempsford Church


Tempsford Registration and Early References

Methodism in Tempsford


Early Education in Tempsford

Tempsford School

Tempsford School in 1904

Sources for Education in Tempsford

Interesting Buildings

Tempsford Hall

Tempsford Bridge

Church Street

Gannocks - 15 Church Street, Tempsford

30 Church Street, Tempsford

32 and 34 Church Street, Tempsford

36 and 38 Church Street, Tempsford

40 Church Street, Tempsford

Church Farm, Tempsford

Cottage Farm, Tempsford

Stuart Memorial Hall, Tempsford

Ouse Farm, Tempsford

Mill Lane

4 Mill Lane, Tempsford

Tempsford Mill

Station Road

Stonebridge Farm, Tempsford

33 to 37 Station Road, Tempsford

52 Station Road, Tempsford

Withy Cottage - 54 Station Road, Tempsford

Brass Farthing Cottage - 59 Station Road, Tempsford

62 Station Road, Tempsford

The Old Bakery - 63 Station Road, Tempsford

Clematis Cottage - 65 Station Road, Tempsford

81 Station Road, Tempsford

88 Station Road, Tempsford

89 to 93 Station Road, Tempsford

Lambcourt Farm - 95 Station Road, Tempsford

Biggin Farm - 126 Station Road, Tempsford

139 Station Road, Tempsford

160 Station Road, Tempsford

Mossbury Manor, Tempsford

Tempsford Station

Licensed Premises

The Anchor Hotel, Tempsford

The Black Horse Public House, Tempsford

The George Inn, Tempsford

The Swan Public House Tempsford

The Wheatsheaf Public House, Tempsford

The White Hart Inn, Tempsford

The White Hart Public House, Tempsford