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67 High Street Harrold

67 High Street in 1962
67 High Street in 1962 [Z53/54/36]

67 High Street was listed by the former Department of Environment as Grade II (of special interest). The entry notes the presence of a date stone with the date 1725. The house is built, like most of the older properties in Harrold, of coursed limestone rubble. It has a tiled roof and comprises three storeys.

In 1927 property in Harrold was valued under the Rating Valuation Act of 1925; every piece of land and building in the country had to be valued to determine the rates to be paid upon it. This property was then two - Numbers 67 and 69.

The valuer visiting 67 High Street [DV1/C71/139] noted that William Wallinger was owner and occupier. The house stood in 0.210 acres and comprised two parlours, a kitchen and scullery downstairs; three bedrooms lay on the first floor with three attics ("good") above. Wallinger was a baker and there was a bakehouse outside measuring 18½ feet by 14½ feet containing a three bushel oven, there was a flour room above and the whole was noted as "Very very good. Electric light"; there was also a shop 11 feet by 7½ feet (it is not clear whether this was in the house or outside, perhaps more likely the latter); there was also a profusion of outbuildings "all used for storage only" - a wood and iron barn, coachhouse, stable and hovel, a brick and slate pig sty, a pig sty with a store over, a store, a coke store and a garage with a loft over.

The valuer remarked: "less smoke from factory at rear". This seems to be a comparison with next door, Number 69 [DV1/C71/138] owned by F.Nichols, and occupied by R.Goodes. This dwelling contained two reception rooms and a kitchen downstairs and four bedrooms "now vacant but to be occupied on Sept 1st" above with a scullery and coal shed outside ("good"), also a wood hut ("good"). There was a "back entrance through next door", but it was a "poor place at back".

67 High Street May 2008
67 High Street in May 2008