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The New Inn Silsoe

The New Inn on a map of 1718 [L33/286 folio 6]
The New Inn on a map of 1718 [L33/286 folio 6]

New Inn Farm still stands on the west side of the A6 a little south of the junction with Sand Lane. It is quite likely that the inn and the farmhouse were one and the same building but there is no explicit evidence. It is possible that the farm was named after the inn which stood nearby.

It is an amusing fact that most establishments named The New Inn seem to have a long history! The inn is shown on a map of 1718 [L33/286 folio 6]. On 14th June 1769 Ann, daughter of John and Ann Hill, farmer "at the New Inn" was baptised. Frances was baptised on 11th March 1770. On 8th November 1775 Sarah Franks, daughter of John Francis Field of the New Inn, gentleman, was baptised privately.

The only other textual evidence for the New Inn is a stray reference in a directory: In Edward Cassey's Directory for Bedfordshire of 1862 William Bennett was named as innkeeper of the New Inn at Silsoe.

Licensees: Note that this is not a complete list; italics indicate licensees whose beginning and/or end dates are not known

1862: William Bennett.


  • L33/286 folio 6: shown on a map with a miniature elevation: 1718