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Silsoe Pound

The pound shown in red on this map of 1901
The pound shown in red on this map of 1901

A pound was a small walled inclosure. If a tenant of the manor allowed his animals to stray on another's land they would be rounded up and placed in the pound, impounded in fact. The tenant would then have to pay a fine to the Lord of the Manor for their release.

Bedfordshire Historical Record Society Survey of Ancient Buildings volume III published in 1936 included a survey of Bedfordshire pounds by J. Steele Elliott. He wrote: "At the Epiphany Sessions  in 1827 appears an Indictment of William Stormer wherein he is fined one shilling for a pound-breach at Silsoe".

"The Pound was described in 1902 as a quadrangle enclosed by a moss-grown stone wall. It was demolished about 1920. It stood on the south side of the grass margin of the Ampthill road, alongside the stone-quarry and sand-pit. There is still an indication of what appears to have been an earlier Pound a short distance away, which had been excavated out of the Greensand bank, with walling added thereto".