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Silsoe Infants School in 1904

The Education Act 1902, which came into force in 1903, established Bedfordshire County Council as the Local Education Authority for the county. The new LEA set out to determine the condition of its school buildings and the CountySurveyor made his report in 1904. The report for NorthillSchool was exactly as set out below.

This is some distance removed Southward from GeneralSchool.

It is a brick and tiled building, having several windows, which are very small and poor for light.

Main Room – 30 feet by 16 feet 3 inches by 10 feet to 14 feet.

Class Room – 17 feet 9 inches by 12 feet by 10 feet to 12 feet 6 inches.

Warming by an open fire.

Ventilation: - The Large Room needs four Tobin Tubes and one Exhaust Ventilator, and the end window made to open. The Class Room should be provided with three Tobin Tubes and one Exhaust Ventilator.

Lobby. This needs ventilation, and the window making to open.

Water Supply. No water is provided on the premises, all has to be fetched from opposite side of Street.

Offices. These are common privies, but were in very fair condition on the day of my visit. They should be converted into earth closets.

N. B. – One of the Offices needs a lock, as it is used by outsiders.

These Premises are fairly clean and sound.

School Yard. The pebble pitched yard is rough for the little ones. A thin coat of tar paving over same would not be expensive.