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Shillington Index of Pages


The Parish of Shillington in General

Shillington Maps

Shillington Before 1086

Prehistoric Shillington

Romano-British Shillington

Anglo-Saxon Shillington

Later Shillington

Shillington in 1086

The Manor of Shillington

The Manor of Shillington Rectory

The Manor of Shillington alias Aspley Bury

The Manor of Aspley alias Aspley Bury

A Medieval Drowning

Early 16th Century Names Maintaining the Church Boundary

Recruiting in Shillington in 1914


Shillington Church Architecture

The Will of Mathew de Assheton

Shillington Church Repairs and Alterations

The Collapse of Shillington Church Tower

List of Shillington Vicars

Shillington Vicarages


Registration and Early References in Shillington

Congregationalists in Shillington

Primitive Methodism in Shillington

Wesleyan Methodism in Shillington


Early Education in Shillington

Shillington School

Shillington School in 1904

Sources for Education in Shillington

Interesting Buildings

Apsley End Road

Mulberry Cottage, 14 Apsley End Road, Shillington

24 Apsley End Road, Shillington

Plumtree Cottage, 34 Apsley End Road, Shillington

Apsleybury Farm, Shillington

Shillington Manor

The Old Court House, Shillington

Bury Road

19 Bury Road, Shillington

A and S Stores - 85 Bury Road, Shillington

121 Bury Road, Shillington

Shillington Bury

Church Street

6 to 10 Church Street, Shillington

14 to 16a Church Street, Shillington

36 to 40 Church Street, Shillington

42 Church Street, Shillington

75 Church Street, Shillington

77 Church Street, Shillington

91 Church Street, Shillington

Hanscombe End Road

Beam Ends, 5 Hanscombe End Road, Shillington

Green Farm, Shillington

Hanscombe End Farm, Shillington

Moorhen Farm, Shillington

Northley Farm, Shillington

High Road

F C Dawes & Son Garage, Shillington

Green Farm, 58 High Road, Shillington

Chestnut Tree Farmhouse, 94 High Road, Shillington

Nutcracker Cottage, 108 High Road, Shillington

Parsonage Farm, Shillington

121 to 125 High Road, Shillington

Willow Thatch, 129 High Road, Shillington

135 and 137 High Road, Shillington

Hillfoot Road

Windmill Lodge, Shillington

71 Hillfoot Road, Shillington

73 Hillfoot Road, Shillington

93 and 95 Hillfoot Road, Shillington

103 Hillfoot Road, Shillington

Marquis Hill

15 Marquis Hill, Shillington

Upton End Road

39 Upton End Road, Shillington

Upton End Old Farm, Shillington

Clawders Hill Farm, Shillington

Lordship Farm, Shillington

79 Upton End Road, Shillington

Licensed Premises

The Bedford Arms Public House, Shillington

The Commander-in-Chief Beerhouse, Shillington

The Crown Public House, Shillington

The Edward VII Beerhouse, Shillington

The Engine Beerhouse, Shillington

The Five Bells Public House, Shillington

The Greyhound Inn, Shillington

The Marquis of Granby Public House, Shillington

The Musgrave Arms Public House, Shillington

The Noah's Ark Public House, Shillington

The Red Sign Post Public House, Shillington

The Swan Public House, Shillington

The White Horse Public House, Shillington

The White Swan Public House, Shillington