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51 High Street Clophill

51 High Street July 2010
51 High Street July 2010

51 High Street was listed by English Heritage in January 1985 was Grade II, of special interest. They dated the house to the 18th century with 19th century additions. The original house, the westernmost portion, was built of red brick with flared headers, the later addition in plain red brick. The roof is of slate. The original house had a two room plan up and down and stands gable end on to the road.

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every building and piece of land in the country was to be assessed as to its rateable value. Clophill was assessed in 1927. The valuer visiting 51 High Street discovered that it was called Woodview and was owned and occupied by Mrs F. W. Titmas [DV1/C47/2].

The brick and slate detached property comprised a parlour, living room, kitchen, scullery, dairy and pantry downstairs with four bedrooms above and two attics above that. Another hand has written alongside this in pencil that there was a reception room, kitchen, hall, scullery, dairy and three bedrooms. A brick and slate earth closet and a weather-boarded and tiled coal barn stood outside. The valuer commented: "Cars for hire".

Some outbuildings were leased to F. E. Titmas at £10 per annum. They comprised:

  • A corrugated iron open hovel with a 4 horsepower engine and meal crusher and a small saw bench;
  • A weather-boarded and slated hen house;
  • Four weather-boarded and corrugated iron pigsties;
  • A weather-boarded and tiled barn used for pigs;
  • A garage;
  • A store;
  • A brick and slate range comprising two pigsties and a corn shed and mixing room with a loft over all;
  • Two more weather-boarded and corrugated iron pigsties;
  • A corrugated iron open hovel;
  • A stone, weather-boarded and tiled store and two bay open shed ("one used car");
  • A weather-boarded and felt hen house;
  • A corrugated iron carpenter's shop.