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Sources for Education in Totternhoe

Totternhoe School in Castle Hill Road about 1910 [Z1306/127]
Totternhoe School in Castle Hill Road about 1910 [Z1306/127]

The sources for education in Totternhoe available at Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service are listed below. Some records may not be embargoed under the Data Protection Act where they contain personal information of living individuals.

  • X303/9: Plan of the proposed school: 1866;
  • SDTotternhoe1/1: Log book: 1872-1895;
  • P58/8/2: School managers' minutes: 1877-1892;
  • P58/29/3: Bank pass book for the school: 1885-1914;
  • P58/29/1: School Managers' minute book: 1893-1903;
  • P58/0/2: Notes on the school with attendance figures etc.: 1894-1905;
  • SDTotternhoe1/2: Log book: 1895-1912;
  • Z55/1/50: Photograph of the school: 20th century;
  • P58/29/2: School Manager' minute book: 1903-1950;
  • P58/29/12/1: Agreement of employment for Albert William Bartram, schoolmaster: 1903;
  • E/SA3/1/2: Managers' and Inspectors' reports: 1903;
  • SMM6: School managers' minutes - Dunstable group: 1903-1974
  • P58/29/12/2: Agreement of employment for Caroline Bartram, assistant teacher: 1903;
  • E/TE5/3: Details of teachers: 1904-1908;
  • P58/29/4: School Managers' correspondence : 1904-1930;
  • P58/29/5: File of school returns and claims submitted to the Local Education Authority: 1905-1918;
  • P58/29/6: Receipted bills etc.: 1906-1930;
  • P58/29/10: Duplicate reports by head teacher and managers on teaching staff: 1906-1925;
  • P58/29/8: File of H. M. Inspector's reports: 1907-1926;
  • P58/29/9: Statements from the Local Education Authority giving details of salaries and numbers of staff: 1907-1923;
  • E/TE5/4: Details of teachers: 1908-1912;
  • P58/29/12/3: Agreement of employment for Bessie Spary of Markyate [Hertfordshire], assistant teacher: 1909;
  • E/IN1/1: Inspectors' reports: 1910-1931;
  • P58/29/12/4: Agreement of employment for Elizabeth Alice Wheatley of Jevington [Sussex], assistant teacher: 1910;
  • P58/29/12/5: Agreement of employment for Iverline Gertrude Dix of Westoning, assistant teacher: 1911;
  • P58/29/7: Agreements between the School Managers and various societies: 1911-1923;
  • SDTotternhoe1/3: Log book: 1912-1934;
  • P58/29/11: Duplicate reports by head teacher and managers on caretakers and scavengers: 1914-1925;
  • P58/29/12/6: Agreement of employment for Maud Phillips of Begelly [Pembrokeshire], assistant teacher: 1914;
  • P58/29/12/7: Agreement of employment for Alice M. Stairs of Leighton Buzzard, assistant teacher: 1915;
  • Z214/4, Z513/22 and AD1147/92: Auction sale particulars of the school and school house: 1916;
  • P58/29/12/8: Agreement of employment for Doris Annie Taylor of Leighton Buzzard, Leighton Buzzard: 1918;
  • P58/29/12/9: Agreement of employment for Miss E. Folds of Kensworth, assistant teacher: 1919;
  • P58/29/12/10: Agreement of employment for Rose Lewis of Totternhoe, assistant teacher: 1920;
  • P58/29/12/11-12: Agreement of employment for Constance Elizabeth Watts of Bletsoe, head teacher: 1923;
  • P58/29/13: Specification of repairs to the school: 1924;
  • P58/29/12/13: Agreement of employment for Sybil Turney of Dunstable, assistant teacher: 1931;
  • Z513/26: Correspondence regarding the erection of a boundary fence: 1949;
  • P58/28/16: Photograph of the school with sale notice outside: c. 1960;
  • CA2/163: County Council Architect's file on extensions: 1965-1973;
  • CA8/854: Building maintenance file: 1968-1983;
  • E/TE3/3: Return of teaching staff: 1981;
  • E/TE3/6: Return of teaching staff: 1986;
  • E/MS3/2/6: Kitchen and other details: c. 1987;
  • E/Pu4/4/137: Prospectus: 1995;
  • Z923/3/56: the Totternhoe Players' pantomime at the school: 1997.

 Totternhoe Lower School August 2009
Totternhoe Lower School August 2009