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15th Century Totternhoe Jurors

In 1495 an inquest was held at Totternhoe concerning the death of John Inglesby, late of Totternhoe, labourer. The list of jurors, useful for family historians who want to go back before the advent of parish registers, is as follows:

  • John Asshewell senior;
  • William Pedder;
  • William Couper;
  • John Hyde;
  • Thomas Petyte;
  • Thomas Kegyll;
  • Ralph Jenkyn;
  • John Michell;
  • William Burre of Eaton [Bray], senior;
  • Thomas Huet;
  • Richard Hodfrey;
  • Thomas Balbery;
  • Laurence Curwyn;
  • William Crouche