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The Century Public House Goldington

 The Century in 1977 [WL722/21]
The Century in 1977 [WL722/21]

The Century Public House, Church Lane, Goldington

Bedfordshire Archive and Record Service has very little information on this Charles Wells public house, which was built in Church Lane. December 1977 issue of Charles Wells in-house magazine Pint Pot [WL722/21] states that the pub was called the Century because building began in 1976, the firm’s centenary year.

“Modern in concept, it serves the new Elms Farm Estate at Bedford … The Century was officially opened by the Mayor of North Bedfordshire Councillor Mrs A N Polhill”.

“Mr Wells said the building of the Century was the culmination of a period of development in Bedford following the redevelopment of the town centre. The site of the pub was one of two new sites which the Brewery had received in the new part of the town in exchange for sites of old pubs which had been demolished”.

“Main contractors were Birch and Chessher Limited … The pub was built in red rustic facing bricks to blend into the shopping centre, and the main entrance is flanked by a covered way, with brick arches. Both bars are reached from the main entrance, but each also has a separate entrance from the car park. The public bar has a games area, and there is a kitchen for the preparation of snacks and light meals”.

The pub no longer exists, having been demolished.


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Licensees: Note that this is not a complete list; italics indicate licensees whose beginning and/or end dates are not known:

1977-1983: Dermot Michael O'Halloran; Richard Rawson Wolstenholme Hancock; Peter James Smith;
1983-1987: Derek Charles Gibbs; Dermot Michael O’Halloran; Peter James Smith;
1987-1988: Derek Charles Gibbs; John Francis Doran;
1988: William Edward John McKeating; Raymond Reginald Sydney Wheldal;
1988-1989: Trevor Glover; Raymond Reginald Sydney Wheldal;
1989: Brian Westwood; Douglas James Baker;
1989-1990: M Carroll; Douglas James Baker;
1990-1991: Victor Dunkley; Douglas James Baker;
1991-1993: John Henry Rumgay; Douglas James Baker;
1993: Brian C W Hunt; Douglas James Baker;
1993-1994: Peter Long; Douglas James Baker;
1994-1995: Ronald Shearer; Douglas James Baker