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Putnoe Heights Methodist Church

Putnoe Heights Church June 2017
Putnoe Heights Church June 2017

Putnoe Heights Methodist Church was built in 1956 and opened in 1957 following the closure of Bromham Road Chapel. The building is Italianate in style and still uses the organ which was originally in the Bromham Road Chapel. The original 1957 building is shown on the left of the photograph above with further extensions to the right added in 1973. Putnoe Heights was originally part of the Bedford North Circuit.

From 1973 to 2018 Putnoe Heights Methodist Church was in a Local Ecumenical Partnership with St. Mark’s Anglican Church in North Brickhill and welcomed all worshippers from any denomination. This welcome has not changed although the Partnership has now ended and Putnoe Heights is a Methodist Church in the North Bedfordshire Circuit.

Currently [2019] Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service has the following archives for Putnoe Heights:

  • MB2/BPH/2/1322: leaders’ meetings and Annual Society Meetings: 1955-1968;
  • MB2/BPH/2/4577: building committee and sub-committee minutes: 1955-1957;
  • MB2/BPH/3/1323: building committee account book: 1955-1959;
  • MB2/BPH/3/4578: account book: 1958-1970;
  • MB2/BPH/3/4579: building fund account book: 1968-1975;
  • MB2/BPH/3/4580: building fund annual accounts: 1973-1975;
  • MB2/BPH/6/1324: correspondence file regarding building the church: 1954-1958;
  • MB2/BPH/12/4582: Overseas Missions Committee minutes: 1965-1971;
  • MB2/BPH/12/4583: Missionary Committee notebook: 1965-1971.