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Goldington Windmill

 Windmill Field shown on the inclosure map [MA78]
Windmill Field shown on an inclosure map [MA78]

The Bedfordshire Historic Environment Record [HER] contains information on the county’s historic buildings and landscapes and summaries of each entry can now be found online as part of the Heritage Gateway website.. The entry for Goldington windmill [HER 3178] states that Windmill Field was recorded in 1659. An estate map of 1805 [X1/10] shows a baulk running through the centre of the field with a short length running up to a feature called Windmill Bush. 

Volume XIV published by Bedfordshire Historical Record Society in 1931 includes a piece by J Steele Elliott on Bedfordshire windmills. Of Goldington he writes that in 1708 Windmill Field and Windmill Hill were named in a terrier of the Archdeaconry of Bedford [ABE 2 page 32]. At the inclosure of Goldington in 1852 one of the large open fields no the north side of the road from Goldington to Great Barford was called Windmill Field [MA78] - see above.

Other sources reveal that in 1724 Thomas Brown was miller [WL437]. He was still miller in 1732 when the owner was George Heneage of Hainton [Lincolnshire], a Roman Catholic [QSR1732/116-118] who also had a house in Newnham tenanted by Thomas Faldo. Heneage also owned Newnham Priory Mill.