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Shefford Platoon Bedfordshire Volunteers

Great war soldiers from various regiments
Great war soldiers from various regiments - Z1306-101

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service has a number of nominal rolls of and correspondence from the Shefford Platoon of the 1st Bedfordshire Volunteer Regiment, a kind of First World War Home Guard. This platoon was commanded by Lieutenant H.E.Perks of Wren Park and contained the following men:


  • H.Vickers of Southbridge Street;


  • Charles Ellett of Chicksands Lodge;
  • Charles Knight of Meppershall;


  • Thomas Ansell of 5 Matlock Terrace, Clifton Road;
  • A.Beaumont of Clifton Road;
  • V.Bland of Northbridge Street ["called up"];
  • E.Brown of Woodhall Farm, Meppershall ["called up"];
  • W.S.Brown of Woodhall Farm;
  • J.Burnage of Clifton Road;
  • S.Cutler of Southbridge Street;
  • T.Cutler of Southbridge Street ["called up"];
  • H.Dear of Hitchin Road;
  • H.Dibble of Southbridge Street;
  • C.E.Dilley of Hitchin Hill;
  • E.Dilley of Clifton Road;
  • E.J.Dilley of Meppershall;
  • S.Dilley of Clifton Road;
  • R.Eccott of New Street ["called up"];
  • A.J.Endersby of Clifton Road;
  • H.Faulkener of Meppershall;
  • H.Green of High Street;
  • F.W.Gudgin of Shefford Mill ["called up"];
  • A.Harris of Meppershall;
  • A.Harwood of Sandpit Close;
  • S.Harwood of Southbridge Street;
  • W.Harwood of Clifton Road;
  • G.Hawkins of Campton ["called up"];
  • H.C.Hawkins of Church Farm, Campton;
  • A.Hazeldon of High Street;
  • E.Hazeldon of High Street;
  • W.A.Hewitt of 3 Clifton Villas;
  • H.Hill of 2 Hitchin Road;
  • B.Hills of Clifton Road ["called up"];
  • A.Ingram of Meppershall;
  • B.Jackson of Meppershall;
  • H.Jones of 5 New Street;
  • H.C.Kempson of High Street;
  • W.H.Lamb of Campton Bury ["called up"];
  • W.Layton of Meppershall;
  • W.C.Layton of Hitchin Road;
  • G.T.Mason of Victoria Road;
  • Fred Napp of Ampthill Road ["resigned"];
  • E.Peacock of Clifton Road;
  • G.Peacock of Clifton Road ["called up"];
  • O.E.Peacock of Clifton Road;
  • H.Pettifer of Meppershall;
  • R.Pettifer of Meppershall;
  • B.Rainbow of Beadlow, Clophill;
  • F.Sharpe of Campton;
  • B.Stevens of New Street;
  • W.Stevens of Clifton Road;
  • W.Stevens of 1 New Street;
  • A.W.Simons of Meppershall;
  • J.Simons of Meppershall;
  • F.Stapleton of Meppershall;
  • J.H.Steabben of High Street;
  • F.G.Sugars ["resigned"];
  • A.H.Thake of High Street ["secretary and treasurer"];
  • H.C.Tinkler of Hillside House;
  • E.S.Udell of 1 Victoria Terrace;
  • C.Wells of 12 New Street;
  • F.Woodward of Clifton Road;
  • H.Woodward of Clifton Road;
  • J.Woodward of Clifton Road ["resigned"];
  • H.C.Wright of 8 New Street