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Shefford Court Roll October 1436

Manor court roll
Manor Court Roll [L26/251]

These surviving medieval court rolls for the Manor of Campton-cum-Shefford [L26/251] are divided into sections for the two separate settlements, only the transcribed and translated entries for Shefford are included below - sums in brackets are the amount the person was fined:

View of Frankpledge when court was held on Thursday 25th October 1436

William Travayll, John Dyndeseye, John Borewell, Hugh Spycer, Henry Prudde, William Blanchard, William Ropere, William Dyndeseye, Thomas Aylmere, William Hernes, John Barbour, Bartholomew Holygost, the homage [i.e. the jury] present that Henry Prudde (4d), William Travaylle (4d), William Blanchard (4d), William Hernes (4d), Hugh Spycer (4d), Thomas Barker (4d), Richard Merstun (4d), Thomas Baker (6d), Richard Malpas (6d), John Feeks (6d), baker from Hitchin ["hycchen"] [i.e. the bread was sold at short weight, or contained impurities or some other such misdemeanour. Some consider that this was a legal fiction and what is actually going on here is, in effect, granting a licence to practise their trade]

Total: 4 shillings 4 pence

Robert Barker (6d), Henry Prudde (4d), William Travayll (4d), William Hunte (6d), George Lamberd (6d), John Bocher (6d), William Travayll (4d), William Blanchard, William Coupere (4d), John Dyndeseye (4d), William Barbour (4d), Anne Shepperde (6d), Henry Pottere (6d), William Hernes (4d), John Roberd (6d), Richard Hunte (6d), William Raundes (2d), Robert Pearson (6d), Nicholas Aleyn (6d), John Person senior (6d), John Ade (6d), John Tayllour (6d), William Ropere (4d), William Fuller (6d), John Person junior (6d), William Roose (6d), Robert Skynner (4d), Richard Pope (6d), Thomas Dyssher (4d), Margaret Sewester (6d), William Deye (6d), Thomas Baker (6d), Hugh Spycer (4d), Alice Somerton (6d), Richard Merston (4d), John Smyth (4d), John Baker (6d), John Barbour (4d), John Barker (4d), John Borewell (4d) are all brewers and have broken the assize of beer.

Total: 16 shillings 4 pence [sic]

Robert Saltwell (2d), Robert Chibolle (2d), John Larke (2d), John Knotte (2d), William Butte (2d), John de Broom (2d), Thomas Halle (2d), Hugh Bocher (2d), John Parson junior (2d) are butchers and sell meat at excessive prices.

John Gerard (2d), John Anable (2d), Thomas Fyssher (3d), Richard Hamond (2d), John Felyp (2d) are fish-sellers and sell fish at excessive prices.

William Blanchard (4d) and William Hernes (4d), constables and ale-tasters perform their office badly.

Thomas Baker (2d) assaulted Richard, his servant, contrary to the King's peace.

Total: 3 shillings 3 pence.

Election: the above-named homage has chosen William Ropere as constable in place of William Hernes, and oath has been taken.

Expenses of the Steward and other visitors: 2 shillings 6 pence.

Parchment for the roll and copies from the court proceedings this year: 4 pence.

Affeerers [those responsible for assessing the level of fine to be paid]: William Roper, William Travaylle.

Sum of this leet: 22 shillings 11 pence.