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Robert Bloomfield School Shefford

Robert Bloomfield Middle School entrance February 2008
Robert Bloomfield Middle School entrance February 2008

In 1938 a new Council Senior School was opened in Shefford for older children from the town and surrounding villages. The third of the great Education Acts was that of 1944 which established the principle of County Primary Schools for children up to the age of 11, at which time they took an examination to determine the nature of the secondary school they would attend until they were 15, the most academically able going to grammar schools, the rest to secondary or secondary modern schools. In 1946, when the act came into force, Shefford Council Senior School became Shefford County Secondary Modern School. The name changed to Robert Bloomfield County Secondary Modern School in the 1950s and in 1958 a two storey extension was added to the school buildings.

 Robert Bloomfield Middle School 1989
Robert Bloomfield Middle School 1989 [Hi/PH18/20]

In the 1970s Bedfordshire County Council introduced comprehensive education, doing away with the 11+ examination and grammar schools and introducing a tier of school between the old County Primary and County Secondary Schools. Robert Bloomfield CSM became Robert Bloomfield Middle School, for children aged 9 to 13 who at the latter age go on the Samuel Whitbread Upper School just over the parish boundary in Clifton.