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Quakers in Shefford

A Collection of the Sufferings of the People Called Quakers Volume I was published in 1753 and covers acts against Quakers from 1650 to 1689 throughout the country. Each county has a chapter and that for Bedfordshire notes that in May 1670: "was a Meeting at the House of James Taylor in Hardwick, of which Justice Ventress being informed, issued his Warrant, by which was taken":

"From James Taylor, seven Cows and an Ox, worth £40
John Samm of Clifton, Goods worth £2
Thomas Wiltshire, a poor Hemp-dresser, a working Tool called a Hitchel, worth 10d.
Mordecai Suersby. Pewter and Brass worth 10d.
Elizabeth Beadle, a very poor Woman 8d.
William Picely, a poor Weaver, working Tools 10d.
William Costin of Southill, Goods worth 13d.
John Geddins of Henloe, Pewter worth 8d.
Benjamin Masters of the same, Goods worth 6d.
William Skillet, a very poor Man 6d.

For another Meeting in the same House on the 26th of the Month called June, the said James Taylor had taken from him by the high Constable, and others, who refused to show their Warrant, five Horses worth about £60 which they often attempted to sell, but could not; till at length they were purchased by a Person who had been formerly High Sheriff of the County".