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Shefford Court Roll October 1435

Manor court roll
Manor Court Roll [L26/251]

These surviving medieval court rolls for the Manor of Campton-cum-Shefford [L26/251] are divided into sections for the two separate settlements, only the transcribed and translated entries for Shefford are included below - sums in brackets are the amount the person was fined:

View of Frankpledge when court was held on Saturday, 1st October 1435

Essoins ["apologies for absence"]: William Blanchard, William Barbour, William Travaylle, William Coupere, William Ropere, John Barbour, Hugh Spyce, Henry Prudde, John Tayllour, Robert Oxeford, Borewe, John Hawenes

The homage [i.e. the jury] present that the Prior of Wymondley (4d), William Fuller (2d), Valentine Smyth (2d), Thomas Baker (2d) owe suit at the leet court and have defaulted

Total: 10d 

Henry Prudde (4d), William Travaylle (4d), William Blanchard (4d), William Coupere (4d), Thomas Baker (6d), Hugh Spycer (4d), Thomas Barker (4d), Richard Merston (4d), John Smyth (4d), Walter Lounde (4d) are common bakers and have infringed the assize of bread [i.e. the bread was sold at short weight, or contained impurities or some other such misdemeanour. Some consider that this was a legal fiction and what is actually going on here is, in effect, granting a licence to practise their trade]

John Smyth (4d), Roger Puttoks (6d), Henry Prudde (4d), George Lamberd (6d), Richard Pope (6d), William Roos (6d), John Bocher (6d), William Traylle (4d), Thomas Clement (4d), William Blanchard (4d), William Coupere (4d), John Stutbeld (6d), Joan Corner (4d), Richard Busshe (6d), William Barbour (4d), Walter Barbour (6d), Henry Pottere (6d), William Fuller (6d), John Roberd (6d), Richard Hunte (6d), William Raundes (6d), Robert Parson (6d), Nicholas Aleyn (6d), Valentine Smyth (6d), John Parson senior (6d), Nicholas Aleyn (6d), John Tayllour (6d), William Ropere (4d), John Clokmaker (6d), John Parson junior (6d), John Dyndesey (4d), William Whytbred (6d), Thomas Dysshere (6d), Margaret Middeltune (6d), William Deye (6d), Helen Tayllour (6d), Thomas Baker (6d), Hugh Spycer (4d), Alice Somerton (6d), Thomas Aylbern (4d), Richard Merston (4d), Thomas Payn (4d), John Borewell (4d), John Barker (4d), John Barbour (4d), Richard Bocher (6d), Hugh Cook (6d), Thomas Chapman (6d), Robert Barker (6d), William Chapman (6d): all have infringed and committed a breach of the assize of beer.

Total: 25 shillings 4 pence [sic should be 25/8]

John Parson (2d), Hugh Cook (2d), John Larke (2d), Robert Saltwell (2d) John Knotte (2d), William Barry (2d), John de Broom (2d), Robert Chyboll (2d), are butchers and sell meat at excessive price, contrary to the statute.

Thomas Gamyleye (4d), John Hamond (2d), John Anable (2d), John Gerard (2d), John Felyp (2d), John Fyssher (2d), Richard Hamond (2d) are sellers of fish and charge excessive prices.

Total: 2 shillings 8 pence.

William Ropere (4d) assaulted Thomas Dysshere illegally.

John Clerk of Campton assaulted Thomas Payne contrary to the King's peace (4d).

The same John (4d) assaulted John Barker.

The same John (4d) assaulted William Blanchard

Total 16 pence

Steward's expenses: 2 shillings

Total at this leet: 29 shillings 4 pence

Affeerers [those responsible for assessing the level of fine to be paid]: William Blanchard, John Clokmaker.