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Early References to Licensed Premises in Cople

Parish registers and wills can tell us of licensees of inns, public houses and beerhouses in Cople in the 18th and early 19th centuries, a time before licensing records and directories. The following people have been identified although the premises they ran are not known:

  • Robert, son of Robert & Elizabeth Samuel, victualler, baptised 14th November 1718 and buried 15th July 1719;
  • Robert Samwel, alekeeper, buried 31st December 1732 [administration ABP/A1732/3/2];
  • John son of John & Sarah Priest, alekeeper, baptised 13th January 1744;
  • Thomas Lenard, alekeeper, buried 25th December 1744;
  • William Cole, innholder, buried 25th October 1769 [administration ABP/A1770/15];
  • John Smith, publican, buried 3rd September 1793;
  • administration of Richard Willcox [ABP/A1808/19]: 1808.