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Cople Index of Pages

The following pages are designed to give a brief history of some aspects of the community. They are certainly not intended to be exhaustive and more work could be done, for example, on the interesting buildings with reference to census returns, electoral registers and name searches for owners and/or occupiers amongst our other archives, or on churches with reference to the parish records. We hope that reading these pages will encourage you to do more research of your own. If you find additional information on any of the pages below or, indeed, information on aspects of the community not covered here, we would love to hear from you and could publish your research here, giving credit, of course, where it is due!


The Parish of Cople in General

Cople Before 1086

Cople Maps

Medieval Cople

Cople in 1086

Medieval Murder in Cople

Cople Manors

Cople Manor

Hotofts Manor Cople

Maryons or Malens Manor Cople

Rowlands Manor Cople

Wiggons Manor Cople

Woodend or Laucelayns Manor Cople

The Established Church

Cople Church Architecture

Repairs and Additions to Cople Church

List of Cople Vicars

Cople Vicarages


Registration and Early References in Cople

Baptists in Cople

Methodists in Cople


Early Education in Cople

Cople School

Cople School in 1904

Sources for Education in Cople

Harold Wakeling Apthorpe

Interesting Buildings

Bedford Estate Cottages

The Reasons for Building the Bedford Estate Cottages

Types of Bedford Estate Cottages

A Commentary on the Bedfiord Estate Cottages

Bedford Road

The Tollgate 1 Bedford Road Cople

Octagon Farmhouse Cople

Grange Lane

Cornflower Cottage, Grange Lane, Cople

Bedford Estates Cottages in Grange Lane Cople

Northill Road

Cople Smithy

5 Northill Road Cople

6 Northill Road Cople

Bedford Estates Cottages in Northill Road Cople

34a and 34b Northill Road Cople

Cople House

47 Northill Road Cople

Water End

5 Water End Cople

10 Water End Cople

19 Water End Cople

20 and 21 Water End Cople

Bedford Estates Properties in Water End, Cople

Willington Road

Cople Bier House

6 and 8 Willington Road Cople

10 Willington Road Cople

14 and 16 Willington Road Cople

Licensed Premises

Early References to Licensed Premises in Cople

The Crown Inn Cople

The Dog Inn Cople

The Five Bells Public House Cople

The Old Leathern Bottle Beerhouse Cople