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Bedford Introduction

The Borough of Bedford

Mayors of Bedford

Recorders of the Borough of Bedford

Local Government Reorganisation 1974


Brayley Map of Bedford of 1807

Bedford Map of 1836

Reynolds Map of Bedford of 1841

Ordnance Survey Map of Bedford of 1881

Ordnance Survey Map of Bedford of 1901

Ordnance Survey Map of Bedford of 1926

Brickhill Maps

Goldington Maps

Introductions to Streets

Cauldwell Street Introduction

Prehistoric Bedford

The Old Stone Age in Bedford

The Middle Stone Age in Bedford

The New Stone Age in Bedford

The Bronze Age in Bedford

The Iron Age in Bedford

Ancient Brickhill

Goldington before 1086

Medieval Bedford

Bedford and the Vikings

Bedford in 1086

Goldington in 1086

The Manor of Goldington

The Second Manor of Goldington

The Manor of Goldington Bury

The Manor of Newnham

The Manor of Puttenhoe Grange

The Manor of Risinghoe Grange

Risinghoe Castle

Bedford at War

VE Day in Bedford

Murder and Sudden Death in Bedford

Medieval Murder and Sudden Death

Murder in Goldington Road 1266

Murder of a Wet Nurse 1300

Murder of a Hangman 1303

Medieval Murder in Goldington

Medieval Sudden Death in Goldington

The Killing of Frederick William Budd

Opening the Prosecution Case

Evidence of the Widow

Evidence of the Companions

Evidence of the Soldiers

Police Evidence

Medical Evidence

The Defence Case

Character Witnesses

Sumnming Up, Verdict and Sentence

Background and Aftermath

The Tennis Lawn Murder

The Tennis Lawn Murder Events

The Inquest on Eleanor McKay

The Inquest on Hubert Vere

Tennis Lawn Murder Aftermath and Background

Quarter Sessions Records

Extracts from documents about Bedford cases presented at 19th Quarter Sessions

A Wife Too Many

Off to Market

Gaol Fever

Children's Homes

Bedford and County Mother and Baby Home

Saint Audrey's Home for Girls, Bedford


The Storm in 1672

The Parish of Brickhill in General

The Parish of Goldington in General