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Saint Audreys Home for Girls

The Bedfordshire Times of 10th April 1908 has the following short piece: "The Church of England Waifs & Strays Society have lately made an addition to their Homes by acquiring the house at 25 Saint Cuthberts Street, Bedford, the premises lately occupied by the Dress Association. It was in September last when we understand the project took shape, and Committee meetings have been held monthly under the Chairmanship of the Right Reverend Bishop Hodges. There are at present 19 children in the Home, which to give it its full title is the St Audrey’s Home for Girls, and they are under the care of two Matrons. There are four comfortable dormitories, besides dining room, play room, kitchen and other apartments which present a homelyand inviting appearance. The Home has been removed from Milden Hall, Suffolk".


1910 Miss Constance Hippisley, Matron

1911 Ida Creighton, Head Matron

1911 Nellie Whiffen, Assistant Matron

1914 Miss Veronique de Solis Lewis

Between 1914 and 1919 the Home moved to premises at 97 Ashburnham Road, Bedford, which were then taken over by the Bedford Mother & Baby Home.

1911 Census

Ida Creighton, Head Matron, 43, Waifs & Strays Matron, born Hampshire

Nellie Whiffen, Assistant Matron, 27, Assistant Matron, born Bedford

Violet Barrow, Servant, 15, Training for School, born Cheveley

Frances Hooper, Servant, 14, Training for School, born Isle of Wight

Beatrice Pelham, Servant, 14, Training for School, born Walworth, London

Eva Cannon, Servant, 14, Training for School, born West Hartlepool

Winifred Aplenby, School child, 13, born Hitchin

Doris Maidenham, School child, 13, born Pontefract, Yorkshire

Isabel Cannon, School child, 12, born West Hartlepool

Florrie Rollings, School child, 12, born [blank]

Marjory Hooper, School child, 11, born Hampstead, London

Marjorie Markham, School child, 11, born Hampstead, london

Annie Cannon, School child, 10, born West Hartlepool

Nellie Wilson, School child, 10, born Westbourne Park, London

Dorothy Phipps, School child, 10, born Buckendon, Herts

Mabel Moody, School child, 10, born Forest Gate, London

Mary Inglitt, School child, 8, born West Hartlepool

Ethel Oris, School child, 9, born Shoreditch, Suffolk

Louie Howard, School child, 12, born Colchester, Essex

Eliza Howard, School child, 9, born Colchester, Essex