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The Pear Tree Public House Roxton

The Pear Tree in 1884
The Pear Tree in 1884

The Pear Tree Public House, 36 Park Road, Roxton

It is not quite clear when this former beerhouse was built but it seems most likely that it was the messuage described as being erected by George Bossingham in 1851 [GK301/8]. Certainly the countywide licensing register of 1876 gives 1851 as the date of first licensing; the property was then a beerhouse. The deeds to the establishment [GK301] show that there had been a cottage on the site, the junction of Park Road and Bedford Road (shown on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map of 1884), since at least 1674.

George Bossingham died in 1879 having devised the Pear Tree to trustees for sale [Gk301/14]. It was purchased by William Pritzler Newland [GK301/14], the Bedford brewer who immediately sold it to Richard Henry Beaumont Beaumont, a major in the Royal Engineers [GK301/15]and also took a 21 years lease on it [GK301/21]. The Beaumont family continued owners whilst Newland assigned the lease to the new company of Newland & Nash in 1897. The firm purchased the public house outright in 1932 from the trustees of Lindesay Beaumont Beaumont [GK301/19] who had inherited it from Richard Henry Beaumont Beaumont in 1884. Six years later, in 1938 Newland & Nash was bought out by Biggleswade brewers Wells & Winch. At some point after 1940 and before 1976 the inn closed. It remains a private house to the time of writing [2010].

Valuer's notebook for inventory on death of John King in 1891 [SF53/2]
Valuer's notebook for inventory on death of John King in 1891 [SF53/2]

The rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every piece of land and building in the country was to be assessed to determine the rates to be paid on it. Roxton, like most of the county, was valued in 1927 and the valuer visiting the Pear Tree public house (as it then was) [DV1/C198/128] described it as a detached brick and slate property comprising a tap room, living room, kitchen, scullery, cellar and four bedrooms. Trade was not great, just half a barrel per week in winter and one barrel in summer with very little spirits sold. It had a hoarding on the wall facing the Bedford to St.Neots road about fifty feet by ten feet. It also had 0.72 of an acre of land with it on which were a stable for two horses, a range of piggeries, a barn and chaff shed, a shelter and an open hovel. 


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List of Licensees: note that this is not a complete list. Italics indicate licensees whose beginning and/or end dates are not known:

1853-1879: George Bossingham;
1879-1885: Rebecca
1890-1891: John King;
1894-1898: Mrs Charlotte King;
1901: Jane Wayman;
1903-1904: William
1904-1940: Tom
Public House closed after 1940 and before 1976.