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Roxton War Memorial

The Roxton War Memorial stands in the churchyard of St. Mary Magdalene in School Lane. It lists the names of fourteen men who died in the First World War, and two killed in the Second World War. It also gives the names of forty men from Roxton who served during the First World War.  

Extensive research into all these men has been carried out by Maria Screen, who has generously given permission to include her Roxton Roll of Honour here. This also includes information about other Roxton men who are not recorded on the war memorial. 

Those named on the War Memorial are: 

Died in First World War 

  • A. J. Covington 
  • W. Covington 
  • A. Darrington 
  • P. Darrington 
  • C. Dickens 
  • A. W. Ekins 
  • F. Gadsden 
  • J. W. Gilbert 
  • F. Jones 
  • C. F. Newell 
  • B. Rutland 
  • J. Simcoe 
  • A. Stay 
  • G. H. Wood 

Died in Second World War 

  • Cyril Lovell 
  • Colin Panton 

Served in First World War 

  • F. Ball 
  • T. Bambridge 
  • W. Bambridge 
  • A. Bannister 
  • C. Bartram 
  • A. Bone 
  • F. Brace 
  • J. Brimley 
  • K. Brimley 
  • R. Brittain 
  • S. Cave 
  • J. Clarke 
  • H. Covington 
  • G. Darrington 
  • W. Dickens 
  • J. Ekins 
  • B. Folbigg 
  • A. Fuller 
  • G. Gadsden 
  • J. Jefferies 
  • C. Jarvis 
  • L. Jarvis 
  • R. Jarvis 
  • H. Johnson 
  • C. Jones 
  • J. Jones 
  • R. Jones 
  • M. Kidman 
  • R. Kidman 
  • W. King 
  • J. Minney 
  • E. Partridge 
  • J. Pell 
  • W. Pell 
  • H. Rutland 
  • F. Sugars 
  • J. Sugars 
  • W. Swepstone 
  • W. Theidd 
  • H. Watts