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The Moulders Public House Luton

The Chobham Street frontage of the Moulders Public House July 2008
The Chobham Street frontage of The Moulders Public House July 2008

Moulders, 2 Chobham Street, on the corner with Park Street, Luton [previously the Moulders Arms]

The Moulders has all the appearance of a mid-19th century building but was not named until at least 1890 - when it first appears in a directory as the Moulders Arms. It may have been a beerhouse before becoming a fully licensed public house - beerhouses are not named in directories they are simply listed under the licensee's name (as "beer seller" or "beer retailer") with the name of the street, if the property is in a town. Luton has a number of beer sellers in Park Street throughout the 19th century.

The deeds to the property would answer the question as to when the property first became a licensed establishment but unfortunately the public house was owned by Watney Mann rather than a local brewery and so the deeds have not been deposited with Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service. At the time of writing [September 2009] the Moulders is still a public house.

 The Park Street frontage of The Moulders Public House July 2008
The Park Street frontage of The Moulders Public House July 2008

List of Licensees: note that this is not a complete list; entries in italics refer to licensees where either beginning or end, or both, dates are not known: 

1890: Herbert Cain;
1903: John Townsend;
1910: Albert Townsend;
1920: Harry Pedder;
1940: Rachel Ellen Pedder;
1949: Reginald J.Andrews;
1954: Frederick Imber;
1959: James Keaney and Mary Ann Keaney;
1967: Mary Ann Keaney;
1983: Gerrard Patrick Duggan;
1985: John Keiron Patrick Duggan and Ann Duggan;
1992: Vincent Gerard Healy and Angela Geraldine Kearney.