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The Lea Bridge Public House Luton

The Lea Bridge about 1960 [WB/Flow4/5/Lu/LB1]
The Lea Bridge about 1960 [WB/Flow4/5/Lu/LB1]

The Lea Bridge Public House: 108 Lea Road

The Lea Bridge Public House first appears in a directory in 1890. It was owned by Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] brewery Adey & White, which was taken over by Luton brewers J. W. Green Limited in 1936 [WB/Green4/2/6]. Green merged with Midlands brewer Flowers in 1954, the new company adopting the Flowers name. The new company lasted eight years, being taken over by Whitbread in 1962. The Lea Bridge closed on 29th March 1970. It was subsequently demolished and the site lies [2010] under the Vicarage Street car park.


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Licensees: Note that this is not a complete list; italics indicate licensees whose beginning and/or end dates are not known 

1890: Reuben Harris;
1898: George Seabrook;
1906: George Alcock;
1910: Arthur Rich;
1914: Mildred Mary Newman;
1920: Mildred Mary Imber;
1942: Charles Stanley Tyrrell;
1943: Thomas Edward Dickens;
1954: George Herbert Levey;
1962: John Barnett;
1965: George Alfred Gould;
1969: Norman Arthur Hards and Dennis Herbert Huckle
Public house closed 29th March 1970.