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The Killing of a Thief in Elstow

Bedfordshire Historical Records Society volume no.XLI, published in 1961, is a translation of medieval Bedfordshire Coroner's Rolls by R. F. Hunnisett. A murder dating to 1328 or 1329 is recorded as follows:

"Robert Podifat and Alan Scalle wished to rob the abbess of Elstow and robbed a woman of a horse. Robert was unwilling to surrender and so was killed in his own felony by the hue which was raised against them. Alan surrendered to an under-bailiff and was killed by Robert and Hugh le Percer, William and Thomas of Houghton and others unknown". At the following eyre, the robbery was said to have occurred at the Abbey, it also recorded that the four killers had fled and they were outlawed.