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Wesleyan Methodism in Battlesden

Battlesden Wesleyan Methodists formed part of the Dunstable Circuit. What little is known of Wesleyans in Battlesden is related in the book: The Dunstable Methodist Circuit: One hundred and fifty years of witness 1843-1993 by Colin Bourne. A register of Dunstable Circuit Baptisms for the 1840s mentions residents of Battlesden being baptised.

Circuit Plans from about 1855 and 1872 mention Battlesden, the latter indicating that it was to be visited just once per quarter. The 1875 Circuit Plan makes no mention of Battlesden. There is no evidence of any chapel ever having been built in Battlesden and the overwhelming likelihood is that the Wesleyans met in a fellow member's house or barn. It is quite possible that James Creamer was a Methodist and that it was his house which was their meeting place.