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6 to 7 Battlesden

6 to 7 Battlesden January 2008
6 to 7 Battlesden January 2008

There are very few houses in Battlesden today. The same has been true for over a hundred years. 6 to 7 Battlesden stand in the centre of the village (such as it is) opposite Centre Farm. They are comparatively modern as they do not appear on the 1882 Ordnance Survey map for the parish but do appear on the 1901 map. A datestone indicates that they were built by the Duke of Bedford in 1887.

The property was valued in 1927 under the Rating Valuation Act 1925; every piece of land and building in the country were assessed to determine the rates to be paid on them. The valuer noted [DV1/A/10/7a-b] that 6 Battlesden was occupied by J.Tucker, stood in 0.256 acres and paid 17/4 per annum rent to the owner, the Duke of Bedford. Number 7 was occupied by J.Clarke, also stood on 0.256 acres and paid 17/4 rent.

Both properties were cement faced with slate roofs. They were also identically laid out, both having two reception rooms, a kitchen, three bedrooms above and an earth closet outside. The shared a common wash-house. the valuer noted: "Water from well. Lamps. V.good cotts"