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Crawley Heath Windmill

The only reference to this windmill comes in 1803 in the estate correspondence of the Duke of Bedford [R4/608/18/5] when an estimate for the windmill at Crawley Heath Farm was given:

"Estimate for Erecting a Threshing Mill to go by Wind or Horses occasionally -

To Erect on the Top of the present Barn a complete Smock Mill to run Eight Yards of Cloth with proper Machinery to work a Threshing Mill in the Barn and to Erect a complete Threshing Machine equal to the power of Three or four Horses with Horse Movements to be used occasionally

  • For the Machinery £300
  • For the Frame of the Mill exclusive of Timber £100".

This farm lay in the area of Husborne Crawley now enclosed by the wall of Woburn Park.