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Cardington Poor House 1808

Document Ref: W1/767

Cardington 10th January 1808

Report on Cardington Poors House and its Inhabitants

The house is kept properly and cleanliness is constantly observed in it, as well as in the persons of its inhabitants. The beds, bedding, furniture, clothes & c are in tolerable supply and are kept in comfortable condition by the Matron.

The inhabitants re plentifully supplied with good provisions and every attention paid them that their situation requires.

Paupers in the House

Ann Webb, Matron

Men: William Wells, aged 84; William Urin aged 81; William Watts aged 71; George Allen aged 70; John Castle aged 69; Wililam Newman aged 68; Samuel Brown aged 61.

Women: Martha Castle aged 76; Elizabeth Waterfield aged 75; Sarah Surket aged 55; Mary Moore aged 48; Eliz Bason aged 40; Eliz Case aged 39; Ann Castle aged 37.

Boys: Thomas Cox aged 12; George Thorogood aged 10; Joseph Thorogood aged 8; Abraham Case aged 8; William Church aged 6; William Bason aged 6; William Case aged 3; Joseph Edwards aged 3.

Girls: Eliz Case aged 11; Mary Purser aged 10; Mary Church aged 10; Charlotte Case aged 9; Line Case aged 6; Hannah Church aged 5.

Total in the House: 1 Matron; 7 men; 7 women; 8 boys; 6 girls = 29

Boys & Girls from the Poors House at Service

Who are provided with clothes by the parish anre washed and mended in the house:

William Chapel; Benjamin Cox; HJohn purser; John Case; John Bason; William Mills; John Newell; Ann Geary; Sarah Geary. Total = 9.