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Strict Baptists in Blunham

Blunham Strict Baptist Chapel in March 2007
Blunham Strict Baptist Chapel in March 2007

The Strict Baptists in Blunham split from the General Baptists in 1842, it is recorded in notes on the Park Lane Chapel [CRT170/3/33] that the cause of the split was a man called Thompson, who was invited to preach by the pastor Joseph Hinds (who himself left that year due to disagreements with the congregation), the notes say of Thompson "He was very unwilling to come but God was pleased to bless his labours to the comfort of many souls. When they saw that the minds of the people was very much for Mr. Thompson they would not let him come any more. This we believe was the means in the hand of God of making a separation the second sabbath of May 1842".

The break-away group met in the house of John How and this was registered with the Archdeaconry of Bedford [ABN2]. However, How's landlord objected to the meetings and so William Judd built a new meeting house in Park Lane which was licensed and opened in December 1842 [ABN1/2 and 2/361]., with Thompson as pastor. Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service has no records for this chapel, which continues to be used down to the time of writing [March 2007]