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Station Farm Blunham

Nissen huts at Station Farm October 2009
Nissen huts at Station Farm October 2009

Station Farm is a modern building; it was not there in 1927, when Blunham was assessed under The Rating and Valuation Act of 1925 but is shown on an Ordnance Survey map of 1971. This latter map also shows seventeen equally sized rectangular buildings in lines. These are nissen huts, of which a fair number remain. They were built during World War Two when Station farm became a kind of holiday camp.

The Bedfordshire Heritage Environment Record entry number 17,850 reads: "Station Farm in Blunham is the site of a World War II Holiday Camp. It was used to provide accommodation to families from London allowing them to take a break from the bombing. The 'campers' used to work on the surrounding farms". No doubt its situation just over the road from the station was the main reason for the camp being here. Londoners would have gone from King's Cross to Sandy then changed trains for the trip of a few minutes on the Oxford to Cambridge line to Blunham.